When I get pissed off at my mum,

I always have to make amends a bit later on.

Cos when she feels bad I feel bad.

She keeps leaving apple peelings to rot on the living room sofa it’s so inconsiderate.

I’ve told her before and she just seems to find it too difficult or something.

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My mom was the same way. I’m glad I got to move out. We don’t argue this way.

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My Mothers a total hypochondriac. You can spend twenty minutes on the phone with her, whilst shes telling you “how ill” she is. And the hospital is crap, cos its run by blacks blah blah.

And yet i still phone her twice a day to see how she is, knowing she probably will wind me up. Thats mums for ya.


Haha yea.

Love them in spite of everything.

@Jonnybegood, yea I’m hoping to move out at some point too, I understand.

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My parents never give me anything to complain about. We are pretty good friends.

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I used to have lots of arguments with my mum when I lived at home.
After I moved out and had some time to mature, our relationship has become very strong.
My only complaint is that she’s too nice to me. Seriously. I could owe a druglord 10K and she’d probably bail me out.
She loves me unconditionally, and while I really love that, I also kind of feel like I don’t deserve it :confused:

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Ofcourse you deserve it. She really appreciates you thats so cool that she is so expressive about it. Happy for you

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