Taking Risperdal (risperdone)


Does anyone have a strong hunger or food craving after taking this pill. If so how do you handle the cravings and hunger? Have you gained weight?


Hi I have picked up 10 kg so far!!!


But keep taking them it has worked for me!


I use to be a big time athlete so weight is important to me. Do you do anything to cut off the weight or maintain it?


Try to keep fit and watch what you eat it’s all! I don’t exercise so maybe its that


I’ve lost my motivation for exercise so bad. I feel disgusted sometimes


That’s normal for us ! This illness chose us so sad but we need to try!!!


Yeah got the munchies on risperdal and put on a heap of weight!

It’s hard. Try enough protein in your meals to keep you satisfied. It’s not easy!


I tried eating something healthy but I still ended up being hungry.


I find walking helps curb a voracious appetite after I’ve eaten.


I take Risperdal and Depakote and I’m hungry all the time.
Try drinking tons of water and exercising some, if you can.


I’ve lost my motivation to workout which sucks!


I’m right here with you man :tired_face:


im on risperdal 6 mg …and yes you tend to be more hungry ,your appetite increases with this med…but this med works well for me …you can try exercise or going to the gym may be …im thinking of joining the gym to handle the weight gain.


I don’t get any more hungry with 6mg. I have a normal appetite. But I’ve gained 20 pounds over the course of one year which I’m pretty happy about since I’ve always been skinny.


What kind of exercise did u used to / do you do?


It’s the same thing whilst I’m on abilify


I use to be a boxing and Muay Thai trainer so I used a lot of those routines as my workout. I was very active


Cool nice way to release stress did u by any chance jog ? I did and miss it so much


I couldn’t and it gave me akathesia, so I had to switch.