Risperdal weight gain

Holy crow! It is so difficult to lose weight on Risperdal. When I got off of Depakote ER, I thought the pounds would come off of me. I have not weighed myself in a while out of frustration. It seemed that I had lost some weight - a tiny bit (visually). I took a look in the mirror today and man it now seems like I actually gained some more weight! I have been dieting and increased my exercise - but no luck. I really cant wait to talk to my pdoc - this is totally unacceptable

I’m on risperdal. The worst effect of the anti psychotics is the weight gain. I would love to find a way to reduce it.

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I recently switched back to Risperdal, and I have gained weight.

I gained about 15 pounds on Risperdal, and while I was on it, I also had a hard time losing the weight. The pounds come off pretty quickly once I stopped Risperdal though.

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Tonight my ■■■■■■■ moronic brother had the nerve to tell me that my weight gain has nothing to do with me taking Risperdal.
I have been struggling with my weight and I simply cannot lose a truly noticeable amount of weight as long as I am on this god forsaken drug. I am tired of all the ■■■■ my father and ■■■■■■■ brother are preaching to me about my weight gain.
“Exercise more” “Eat less” “Work out into a sweat everyday” “Get some willpower” ■■■■ them all. These meds make you lazy,hungry. and fat. It is as simple as that. my brother is as big as a small planet, and he has the nerve to preach to me about weight. I say ■■■■ him and his arrogant attitude !!! I finally weighed myself this morning, and I remained at the same weight even by exercising, watching my diet and taking metformin - this is really ■■■■■■■■

I feel the pain. Being SZ is bad enough - but then throw the weight issue into it. Such a pain.

Man I cannot tell you how pissed off and tired of this game I am. I have been trying so hard to lose, doing everything right. Assholes like my condescending brother tells me I have no willpower? I dont try enough? People just dont get it. These meds are the cause of the weight gain. They were designed to do 3 things - crave carbs/make you hungry - change your metabolism/make you increase weight - make it difficult to lose weight. I know I am ranting - but when you haven taken antipsychotics for as long as me, a breaking point will finally show up

The main reason I stopped taking the meds in the past is the weight gain. Its such a complete pain.

Its more than just being a pain - it is completely unacceptable. In my case weight gain is a total health risk. I suffer from diabetes type 2 and metabolic syndrome - this now changes everything. I am going to see my pdoc and lay it on the line.
I was dumb and naive enough to believe that if I worked on my food intake and if I exercised more, I should lose even as little as half a pound. I weighed myself this morning and I am the same exact weight as 3 weeks ago, even after all this work. I am so done with all of this ■■■■

I hope it goes well. Try alli perhaps?


Maybe ask your pdoc for Topomax? Its a anti seizure med that stops the weight gain and might help you lose weight.

Yeah, as I posted earlier, I probably need a med adjustment on my other med - I have not been feeling myself lately.
I will talk to my pdoc about different avenues I can take. Thanks guys

I was on Risperdal for a few months and gain about 40lbs recently. From 170-210lbs. Now I am off of it now taking Geodon but still gaining weight (215lbs). It’s very sickening haha.