Does your meds make you hungry

im on 4 risperdal im always so hungry i keep gaining weight i cant help it i feel the need to eat


I can’t stop eating too.

Abilify. 2.5mg

Making some adjustments to my eating habits should do the trick.

zyprexa is the same

YES but since 2 months I have been skipping breakfast and just having a 150 calories 15g protein bar. I lost 15lb in 1 month, haven’t weighted myself since then though, I can’t find the weighing scale maybe my brother has it in his room.

i was always very hungry on risperdal but dont have much of an appetite on invega injections.

Oh yeah I am 4mg Risperdal too.

I didn’t really feel hungry on Invega but I did feel hungry on Zyprexa.

Olanzapine made me hungry at first, not so much that im on Risperdal now but just changed over.

No and I lost a lot of weight on Latuda.

Omg yes i was im risperdone, i couldnt stop eating. Now im ziprasodone, i still eat but not as much when was on risp.

Yeah risperdal made me mega hungry. I put on most of my weight on it.

This should ease after 2 or 3 years followed by dizziness.dizziness and appettite must lost by time

I’m hungry all the time.

You should try losing weight on ziprasidone as 2 meta study showed that it doesn’t cause weight gain or cause weight loss instead. You can also take Metformin to lose more weight

Yes, especially if I am not smoking. I am too on 4 mg of risperdal.

guys try ziprasidone is weight neutral drug, you can lose weight with it.

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