Tactile hallucinations

are driving me nuts. I didn’t molest or worst to anybody; I didn’t harass especially not sexually anyone, so why me? I also didn’t hurt anybody or their property at all, so why me?

they’re below the belt and I resent it terribly. I feel so dirty and used.

they just don’t stop.


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I’m sorry your having this happen. I know it feels terrible.

As far as why you or why any of us? It’s just one of the symptoms. It’s glitches in the brain wiring. It’s not a judgement on wrong doing any more then any other of our symptoms.

I also get tactile hallucinations. Some are very upsetting but I find if I just get up and maybe do something else, a bath or a walk around the apartment then they tend to go away.

When I used to lay still and feel those and get upset, the stronger and more horrid they became.

When my doc said, "You just have to get up and divert the sensory just like with the voices, and do not get down on yourself about it… " then I was able to cope with it better.

I hope you feel better soon and this stops for you.

Good luck.

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hello judy i am sorry the voices are disturbing you right now, hopethey go away and give you some peace take care of yourselfxxxx

I second that, Surprised J.

When I get those sensations I will just scratch my head and it helps. At one point I thought I had a brain parasite. Other times I thought it was someone performing surgery on me (right on my neck and ear).

I also had some of what you mentioned.

I don’t know if this helps, but you are not alone.

I had tactile hallucinations when i was on high dose of my med. i was feeling that insects were crawling on my body. And i was feeling fear without any cause. When i lowered my med, tactile hallucinations and fear disappeared. On top of my low dose pill i even cut just a little bit and i feel much better. When i don’t cut it the fear comes back.

When I had my main breaks and still sometimes now I used to feel I was being forcibly penetrated it’s awful and very scary considering at the time I couldn’t recognise it as hallucination and like you I’d feel dirty. I’d just be lying down or even sitting up when it happened but I agree with James, you need to distract your brain, this isn’t a force against you it’s just synaptic dysfunction in the brain, too much firing when it’s not supposed to be. I have playdough that I ring in my hands to provide different sensation and I’ll have a shower to provide that sensation, I think scratching your head is a good one too!

You’re not alone with this and I think distraction is the way forward, with time you’ll be able to divert your attention and stop them quicker. Good luck and keep posting, take care,


I love clay. I play with clay a lot. Someday I’m going to save what I sculpt or take a pottery class and not run away this time. My brian likes the feel of clay in my hands.

I love clay too! I think you should go for that, that’s a good aim :blush:! I currently go to a pottery class for people with mental illness and learning disabilities, I really enjoy it and don’t feel threatened by the company, do they do anything like that where you are as a step in? If not just aim to go to a pottery class that you like the sound of and go when you feel confident enough. I think that’s a brilliant goal to have!

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