Tactile hallucination help

Sorry for ranting so much but i just dont know what to do. How fo i stop tactiles??? I feel like somone is raping me!! Their touching me and trying to insert something down my rear end :frowning: i want to cry i feel like i have zero dignity what to do :’(


i want to help you but i dont know how :frowning:

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Try to distract yourself if you can. Get up and walk around. Maybe change into less restricting clothing or more restricting. Splash ice cold water on your face or wrists or even ice cubes. Hopefully the shock of the cold will help. Swaddle yourself in a tight cuddly blanket and hold something you can center on. Listen to loud music through headphones.

I hope it passes. big hugs


It passed but this was by far the worst thing ever happend to me. And im not exagurating, i feel raped :frowning:

I’m sorry you go through this. I had tactile hallucinations. But that were trolls biting my legs. I tried to kick them away. But they came back. Increased meds helped me.

Im off meds now and ive been on 2mg risperdal daily for about a month and a half ot two months. My mom insists on me going back to 0.5mg just so i can function better at school but i really dobt want to take it but i have to i guess, im not 18 so she gets to decide this stuff. I dont know i just feel like its going to severly harm me like it poison. Maybe its just a delusion. Ugh i feel so bad today and i need to sleep well becouse im going back to school tomorrow. Life sucks for now :frowning:

I am on 2mg of risperdal. It has side effects, but if it works for you then don’t consider it as poison. I need my medicine to survive.

I had tactiles too. I had the sensation of worms in my head. If I get that feeling now I just rub my head or scratch it. It looks okay to do that. I’d try rubbing the area and if someone catches you just complain, “my pants keep giving me wedgies for some reason.”

Barbie`s suggestion sounded so good. Glad it passed. Sleep well and sweet dreamsXXXX
Sorry if I sound like your mom…XXX**

I feel wind coming in through a hole in my head, hot and cold, and sucking sensations all the time. If I imagine something that blocks it or visualize it leaving my body it will go, but I can’t do it all day. Maybe picture a hand in the way so nothing can get in and see if it stops it? It is worth a try. The best thing you can do is keep yourself distracted. Try music with lots of notes to help block it out. Maybe thinking about it might make it worse. Anything I imagine I will feel. If I picture someone grabbing my arm I feel a hand on my arm. It is so strange. If I picture my head full of pop I feel bubbles tingling in my brain and fuzzing on top of my head.

I’ve also had worms in my brain. I could feel them and hear them crawl.

Don’t think of the meds as poison. I know it’s hard. But you have to decide to trust the doc and the meds no matter what your voices tell you. My voices tries to scare me too and tell me my meds are poison. But I function so much better WITH meds than without. You just have to remember that when voices and thoughts are acting up.

If you have a lot of side effects from your meds, maybe it is time to try another.

personally this does not bother me but it can get irritating .
one it is in your mind, you can control this.
being sz is like watching two tvs’ merged together, sometimes annoying , sometimes interesting…
know that i care.
take care

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I have been thinking for you.

Take a few pills of multivitamins. Take at least 5g of vitamin C and 1 teaspoon of unrefined salt dissolved in water. It works for me very well and take away my tactile hallucinations.

You can do this again if you think it is helping you.

I actually do it twice in the past few days and it helps a lot.

The tactile hallucinations went away and did not come back.

I do get tactile hallucinations and when I wasn’t doing well, it was really upsetting with how painful and embarrassing it got. I’ve been getting up and moving around, taking a bath, just trying to get up and do something else when they start to happen. The idea of getting into looser clothing and a cozy safe blanket is also a good idea. It’s helped me.

I just try to do something that will shift my mind into a different mode and that will usually stop it.

I also suffer with tactile hallucinations. I have found that a piece of hard candy, like jolly ranchers and a heating pad help me. Currently I am not on meds. I was waiting for insurance. So, finding a distraction seems to calm the hands.

I have only just joined this forum so I apologise for being a little late to this topic.

I too suffer from tactile hallucinations. It does feel like a violation, and because mine often lead to masturbation I feel utterly degraded by them. However, don’t do what someone has suggested and wrap yourself in a blanket. This just makes things worse: the warmer you are, the stronger the feelings will be. At night I try to sleep outside the blanket, even when it is cold. This reduces the tactile stuff dramatically. If I remain under the blanket I can expect things to be done to me which are too graphic to explain here.

I sympathise with your feelings of hopelessness. I tried to tell my family about all this but my father turned on me and called me a liar. So I am very much on my own. I have been living with this for six months and have attempted suicide on one occasion. I am reaching that point again. I can’t suffer in silence indefinitely.

I have been through a lot in my life. I was on dialysis for five years. But that was nothing compared to this. Because tactile stuff, especially if it is sexual, begins to damage you psychologically and emotionally over time. And you start to think that ‘they’ are getting some sick thrill out of doing it.

Best wishes,

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Welcome @Padster. There is no such thing as a late comment. If you feel you want to answer or comment, feel free to do so. :slight_smile:

I’m sorry you have bad tactile hallucinations. Do you have any medication or contact with a pdoc?

I am already on a lot of medication following a kidney transplant, so I am very reluctant to add any more. I have not spoken to a doctor about this but I am as sure as I can be that I am going through some psychotic episode or mental breakdown. Perhaps the trauma that I have been through in the last few years has simply proved too much for my system. Who knows? Perhaps something in my psyche got broken in the process. The reason I am sure I am mentally ill is because this all started a year ago with the classic ‘whack-job’ Jesus Christ scenario in which the patient claims to have had a vision of the latter, sometimes with a message included. As both these things happened to me, I can only conclude that (at best) it was a delusion, or that I am actually psychotic. At times I have got that upset about things that I have repeatedly banged my head against various objects, usually tables or furniture.

Best wishes,

I think you should try to make contact with a proffessional. Maybe it’s not meds you need. You might be helped a lot if you have a proffessional to talk to about your transplant and the trauma from it. The stress you were under before finding a donor and knowing you might die is horrible. Huge stress can make anyone break.

Thanks for your input. Admitting I need help is something of a double-edged sword for me. Judging from past experience with my family, I know it won’t end well. I have nothing to get me through this except my own willpower. I can’t speak to family about it, and my faith is starting to crumble. I really have nothing except drink to try to make this stuff go away, if only for a few hours.

I think you are correct about stress. A part of me got wounded or broken during those hard times. I don’t think a shrink is going to fix that. The guilt caused by knowing that someone died so that you could live can never truly be conquered.

Best wishes,

Sounds like a med tweak is in order but anyway often they hit me more when I’m overtired. So for me getting decent sleep can help a great deal with them.