Tactile Hallucination symptoms

Great! No it wasnt me , any ideas when , my sympthoms are pretty unique , at least i havent met anyone yet who is similar. I’d appreciate it if you could reply

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:slight_smile: funny that i wonder if these sympthoms correspond to a particular biology that is targeted by a certain antipsychotic.

Tried looking for the thread for you but had no luck. At least Erratica answered so you know you’re not alone. I’ve only been here a few months and would of been within that time that the other thread was posted. If you want to go look for it.

I had stuff like that when I wasn’t on meds. Really intense stuff that I think is being amplified by my jacked-up mind. It happens very rarely on Invega, and if it does happen, alcohol is usually involved. But I’ve had myriad other tactiles, including bizarre, surreal sensations in my head, legs, hands. I hate tactiles! It got so bad several times that I was on a cane! I wonder if D2 antagonism lessens sexual desires, I ought to do some Web searches.

Here are some recent discussions:

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Thanks for this appreciated

I’ve had tactile sensations. Risperdal helps.

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Thanks anyway , admin tagged a few posts

This is the main problem I have too. I feel hot or cold, wind and pressure. The neat part is if I picture a hole in my head and breathe in I feel wind coming in through the hole. But sometimes I feel really sick because of someof the sensations. Sometimes I feel my intestines moving around, which I know is not right but it feels pretty real. I am on Seroquel and paliperidone. My symptoms gave improved a bit but I still have strange things going on all the time.

They hire professional sports players to come beat me and torture me. My symptoms are a class act with tactile hallucinations. Ah well.

Hello everybody. I entered this forum out of serious desperation because I have severe tactile hallucinations. I have sensations of many hands touching my body, they rub my breasts, my body and at a time I had a hand going inside my eye preventing me from seeing. I’m schizoaffective for the past 20 years and this has never happened before. I started like this 5 months ago when I quitted seroquel by mistake cold turkey. Since then, I have gone to the hospital 3 times and tried many different antipsychotics without any success.The doctors don’t have answers for me. Two weeks ago, I started ECT treatment and I have already done 11 sessions and I’m still the same. I really need to find somebody that has overcome this hallucinations and see how they did recover. I’m in a lot of pain, please respond to me and tell me what you did to get well.

Why the heck are everyone’s tactile hallucinations sexual? Like everywhere online/in books says in psychosis the most typical tactile hallucination is something crawling on you. I’ve never heard of anyone with crawling tactile hallucinations, it’s all been sexual, which I think is really creepy and way worse.

I experience similar things.

A bunch of suffering people with sexual / tactile hallucinations. (Sigh.)

Or memories trying to re-surface?

My rec (coming from a lot of direct observational experience with this symptom): Find a therapist who knows who Patricia Ogden (the inventor of sensory-motor psychotherapy for trauma and PTSD) or Peter Levine (the inventor of somatic experiencing therapy for trauma and PTSD) are.

This a (not to pun) a “touchy” subject because of the implications, but I have to say that I’ve been waiting for a couple of weeks now to see when this was going to show up on this forum. Having glanced at the previous threads, I’m pretty sure this is barking up the very same tree I’ve seen out there in the physical world (with and without sz dx’s) many, many times.

Don’t reply and ask me to clarify this further unless you’re Ready for Anything.


Why did you edit the subject header and add ‘hallucination’ , was it becoming trigerring for the community. This op is quite old now.

Just to surmise , hyper sexualization is a reality , certain physical actions occur , I’m a male , but completely concede that they are a sympthom of my schizophrenia , and the odd version of biology going on with myself.

Anyway in the spirit of debunking anyone’s triggering fears…

Your point on people ‘should be ready for anything’ , is odd , if you have evidence for something , scientific evidence , please include , and none of the messianic stuff.

Mine aren’t. Mostly it’s like I’m being given needles.

I didn’t edit the subject header. Hallucination was already there. I moved categories.

When you click on the ‘pencil’ edit icon you can scroll through the changes made. SzAdmin changed the title.

Apologies! I got confused.

No sense in saying anything else :slight_smile:

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Hello meteor

You can not fix this problem it is something else. The sensations or mini vibrations is another soul inside your soul, I used to think it was a weakening in the prostate so I would reflex this muscle to try and stop the vibrations. I tried many things to try and stop this but it never ended. The soul within you has something inside its right leg that can move up and wrap itself around your ■■■■■ causing these sensations. With your mind you can move this thing back and forth with thought forms and see what I am talking about or try understanding something is there and push it down into the leg you should be able to feel this. Do you feel things moving on your crown, try to imagine a hand moving down on your crown and see if they move down on your head. The stomach thing is how they are getting nourishment and sustaining themselves, locate the feeling and move it with your mind you should be able to move it side to side. This entity is one I am looking for and will not be a problem for you to much longer.

here is a link to some others having some of these symptoms


I don’t know where to start. This is you winging it man , all your own views and opinions and in quite detail , especially this excerpt

‘The soul within you has something inside its right leg that can move up and wrap itself around your ■■■■■’



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