Tactile hallucinations are back

yesterday night I couldn’t go to sleep, tactile hallucinations didn’t let me fall asleep, in the past I had two types of them, one is where I feel like hundreds of insects roaming my skin and I had to remove them with my hands, the other is where I feel a hand poking or touching me, I had them both yesterday night, they have the habit of happening when I try to go to sleep, accompanied by voices and auditory and visual hallucinations, paranoia, and delusions, and flashes of monsters and bad imagery in my head. It’s pure torture I can’t run away from it, if I went to sleep I get it and if I stayed up all night I still get psychotic as well, with different symptoms. I also have bipolar which I considered it something good since I got away from being so numb when I’m manic, but the depression and bad memories keep coming back and I get into deep sadness and I cry for hours without being able to stop. I hate my life, I lost my motivation and I can’t focus on my future plans and my dreams, they feel like they have never existed, I’m being occupied by stupid shi* paranoia and wrong perception of reality that have no meaning…

I was geting tictile halucinations like the insects were crawling on me, but when i lowered the dose of my med it went away.

Has anyone every had comforting or pleasurable tactile hallucinations? It’s a little odd to admit, but I have.
The one that I like is the feeling of fingers gently in my hair. It just feels like fingers running through my hair, over and over again. Sometimes I feel it when I’m trying to sleep.

I do usually get good tactile hallucinations when I’m in a good mood, last week I had the feeling of freezing water on my skin like it was warm water, it was so weird that I had someone else to check if the water is really warm or freezing, and even when I knew that the water was freezing I still had the sensation of warm water.
I get good hallucinations when I’m in a good mood, I hear birds singing in the middle of the night so I get to sleep relaxed, since I can sleep comfortably when the sun rises. food tastes much better than it really is in reality, they become so good that help me to have an easier life…But when I’m struggling in life they become bad hallucinations, they become the exact opposite of the good ones.

When I first became psychotic, I had tactile hallucinations that felt like someone hugging me. It was actually comforting.



Sometime I have a continuation of a physical feeling. If my sister hugs me and lets go, I still feel the hug for a while after. Same with someone holding my hand or a touch on the arm. It stays there for a while.

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I’ve only had one or two tactiles, one a hand being rested on my shoulder from behind and i turned around and no one was there(or was there?), and the other was two arms going under my arms from behind during an awful nightmare.

I also get the horrible flashes sometimes when im trying to go to sleep, my eyes will be closed and faces will appear grinning horribly, one night i had a really bad one of some kind of decrepid evil dude, he was very very bad.

It’s tough, i wish i could help or fix it but i can’t, all that i can say is i hope that it passes soon and you feel better.

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I have tactile hallucinations too. I feel hot and cold or wind sensations in my body. If I picture something I feel it. If I picture a ghost or something in the room and it touches me I can feel it. It is really strange. The problem I had was I put my hand above the toaster to see if it was hot but if I picture my hand hot it gets hot so I couldn’t tell if it was hot or cold.

That’s really confusing !
I try not to think about anything when I get bad hallucinations until they pass.

I also had the full range of hallucinations for a while including someone stroking my hair, but since im on Invega they stopped completely. Only thing left is a little distortion sometimes when people speak, like I hear them saying something else.

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I get scary visuals and tactile hallucinations at night about demons and evil critters…

Consider yourself as not the only one.

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I actually sort of like that one when it happens. That one doesn’t freak me out. I just close my eyes and pretend it’s a memory of my Mom doing that when I was little.

My Mom is very much alive, but I don’t live with my parents and I’m not a little kid anymore. But when I was little my Mom would stoke my hair while talking me to sleep. So I just pretend it’s happening again. I seem to go to sleep much more gently when that tactile comes around.