T minus 5 hours and counting

I head for the airport in 5 hours. I’m packed and ready, fed my fish, watered my plants, gave my girlfriend the key to my apartment so she could keep feeding my fish. She’ll pick up the news papers and stuff.

I’ve got the tickets, the gum, the book, the meds, the Ipod with cricket noises and other soothing stuff. I’m armed with all the tips and hints you have all given me. Thank you again for all that.

I’m keeping it together so far but feeling very shaky. I’ve been out of body off and on all morning.

My sis and Mom called they are safely at Huntington beach just two hours out of San Diego and it’s light traffic, and a cool sunny day. So less worries there.

I’m heading out pretty soon to get to my Dad’s, have some lunch and take the train to the airport with my family. Nerves a bit on edge, but working on keeping calm.

I’m working on breathing calm and not letting this get to me. So far, I’m Ok… sort of. I’ll make it. Besides, if I do this… I might just overcome my fear of flying… then who knows how much life might change.

What if I became a globe trotter… dashing to Milan to practice my cat walk? :wink:

Thank you all for the suggestions. Wow, my first airplane ride EVER. I can do this.


You got this. :)…


Thanks for this… excited but shaky. :airplane:

My sis keeps texting me with the old saying, “How do you eat the biggest cake in the world? One bite at a time.”

First… airplane… don’t think about wedding chaos yet.


Way to go!Hope this trip is super good for you and the first of your passport stamped from all over the globe.
Have fun!

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There’s a slight chance you might even have a tiny bit of fun on the plane! Flying is kind of neat.


I was nervous the first time but it’s better the more you fly. It is fun!

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Good for you! I agree with you–you can do this! :smiley:

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Youve got it James! Breathe in through your nose and exhale with your mouth, focusing only on your breathing, counting one, two, in and out if you start to panic. I just saved you a 150$ therapy appointment.

You will be fine. You will probably enjoy the view once you take off. But taking off does feel funny so do prepare for that. There is a change in air pressure as well. Not trying to make you worry, just giving you a heads up :smile:

Some people fly multiple times a day. You will be A-OK, if they can do it, so can you. At least you arent the pilot, look at it that way. My friends dad is a pilot. It sounds dreadful.


I always think about that the pilot is proffessional and does his very best when starting,flying and landing.

Starting is fun. It tickles in my belly. Landing in hard weather is a bit creepy, but in nice weather it’s like a bus ride.

You will do fine. Remeber to breathe if panic comes. I have had problems with voices when flying. They do their very best to scare me. Last time I yelled SHUT UP! And they went quiet. :slight_smile:

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Hey J Have a super time! You will do great! :sunny:

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You will do fine!:slight_smile:

First class is awesome - we’ve only done that once. Just remember when they pass out the damp washcloths they are to wipe your hands off! I didn’t know what to do with it the first time, I’m sure the flight attendants could tell we were rookies lol:)

Hope you have a great trip! :smile:

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Swallow a bit when you start to take off. My ears don’t pop very often, but yours might. Order the sparkling cranberry juice. It helps to stave off motion sickness. Flip through the Sky Mall magazine if you get nervous. Good luck.

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i expect to see you in milan in a couple of weeks.
to be honest it is lonely strutting my stuff on the catwalk, i have taken the model world by storm !?!
you will be fine, remember planes are safe.
sorry got to go, i have to put on another outfit…
" i’m ready people, dark sith coming through !?!
take care

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you’ll be surprized at how well things might go…hopiing the best for you…sending fun thoughts your way

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has anyone heard back from him? he’s probably discovered how much fun travelling is!

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I’m rooting for you @ SurprisedJ!!! I know you can do this! Stay close to your family,try to focus on anything calming and enjoy yourself.


Sorry I wasn’t online when you posted this, just thought I’d say; I hope you got through it and feeling proud of yourself, I’ve been thinking of you and rooting for you!

Take care,

Good luck-have fun-and ENJOY!!!

Oh, J, I hope you’re okay! Flying isn’t so bad, but I understand why you would be nervous. Have fun!


Wow, @RowanAmethyst
I sure have missed your input. How nice to see you back. How have you been? Have you been selling your fashion creations again?

I was thinking about you when I ended up seeing the SCA Ren Fair booking come up with our parks.

I do hope all is well.

The flying was the easy part. The airport check was scary.

The wedding started off as pure chaos and it all went Ok in the end. My favorite cousin is FINALLY married. That part is over. The rest of the family stress isn’t over yet. I can not believe the circus both inside my head and out in family chaos land. Very emotional time for many family members.

Trying to keep myself together… I’ll feel so much better after July 4th.