Traveling... how hard is it?


How many people here are avid travellers? I like the idea of travel, but then I see the airport… There is also the matter of reservations, and on and on…. I’ve driven places in travels, but flying?
How easy is it for others to travel?


Everybody’s different so I don’t know if this will help. But they also say that people are pretty much the same all over. I’m sure you’ve heard both. You can make reservations over the phone. Yeah,airports are crowded but it all goes back to one principle: people are so self-involved that most of the time they don’t give you a second glance. I’ve picked up my dad and step-mom from the Sacramento airport more than a dozen times when they got back from traveling. I met them at baggage claim. No one noticed me. And it was packed! I had never been on a plane before I became schizophrenic. I flew from California to Washington D.C. with my dad. This was around 1991. I was afraid that it would scare me but I did fine. It was fun. You can look out the windows, there were magazines, they serve you food, there were headphones to listen to music. Good distractions. I could say a lot more about it. Not that I’m an expert.


I was a very big traveler before sz. My best friend and I would drive all over the US on road trips. And I would fly across the country and to the Caribbean.

But now, airports and planes are just too much for me. Not that I’m worried people are paying attention to me. It’s just the overstimulation of having SO MANY people around you and in close contact.

Like I can’t stand the plane. Crammed in beside 2 people who may or may not be respectful of your personal space. And ugh, the dreaded conversation that random passengers try to initiate.

It’s too much. I haven’t flown now since 2011, and I’m happy with that :slight_smile:




Thanks so much for commenting on this. i use to be a avid traveler. I’ve wanted to travel again. I’ve even thought i could but i actually made two reservations to fly and visit relatives in the past 5 years and had to cancel both because i couldn’t do it. It scared me a lot.

fly by myself not going to happen.


I love travelling by car, i have driven across the united states once, and taken many long road trips part of the way as well. It can get pretty aggravating in large cities during rush hour, or when theres a really bad bit of construction. I sat for an hour trying to get out of memphis last summer.

travelling by airplain is very stressful, it took me many years to get up the nerve to get on a commercial airplane. once the thing is in the air it’s no problem, but man new airports are confusing as hell. i try to ignore all the people and keep my eyes on the signs. people generally ignore you in airports, but the security people and airline staff are very helpful if you need to ask for directions. I’ve found the easiest way to make reservations is online, without ever having to speak to a human being until you are checking in. This is how my wife and I do our vacation trips because she hates talking to people as much as I do. Also travelling is a lot easier if you are able to have somebody you trust along with you. Oh also a tip about airports if you decide to try flying, when you get your travel itinerary on the ticket for which airports you will be stopping at, go to the airport’s site and find maps of the airports to print out or study beforehand. It’s not always easy for me, but I’ve had a some experience with it over the years.


Finding maps to the airports is a great idea!!! That’s one of the hardest parts for me–navigating through large airports.

Thanks for the tip!




I don’t travel a lot. Much because of money and my autistic son. I’ve been to Finland for a weekend without kids. That was nice, but planes are scary. I told the pilot he did a very smoothe and nice landing when we came home. He was very happy.

Airports are confusing. I’ve been at airports in Denmark, Oslo, Stavanger, stockholm and Helsinki. They are big and confusing.

We travel by car in Sweden when we visit relatives. That is easier.


I don’t travel as much now as I have in the past. The last time I flew was in 1999. When I went out to Oregon with my dad. We went so he could visit his brother one last time. He needed me to go with him because of his health. Now I would hate to fly. But I could if I really had too. My favorite public transportation is the train. If I ever go to Hawaii I will go by ship. My favorite is to go by car. I have been to the east coast the west coast to Canada and Mexico by myself in my car. My traveling lately has seem to keep me within a 200 mile distance from home. I need a long road trip. Maybe by next fall I will be able to afford one. I hope so!

Peace be with you Ridgerunner


Before my schizophrenia, I was a big traveler. I flew to England to visit with my cousins for a month, also saw a friend there. I traveled all around London on the tube. I drove across the country twice. And I used to drive to visit my aunt in Tennessee–about a 1,000 mile trip. Now, merging on to freeways scares me. Also, since I have started taking antipsychotics, I get stingy, teary eyes once in a while, which makes me have to close my eyes sometimes, and this has happened while I was driving, where I’d have to pull over and stop. So that scares me too about driving.


I’ve been many places. Seen most of the U.S. , and most all of Europe (driven/worked). 2passports full of stamps (had to ask for them).
Loved it, would do it again.
90% of my travels were AFTER being Dx’d.
I haven’t left my state in ? Few years, personally, don’t care to leave my home anymore.


I’ve traveled by plane several times. I ordered my tickets online.With Southwest you don’t even have to pick a seat .At first I thought being with all the people would bother me, but as I couldn’t hear the words they were saying over the white noise of the plane they didn’t. Also it surprised me I had no problem sitting still for a long time when I usually do.


Its pretty easy with Just book and go. Booking online is pretty easy.

Unfortunately I haven’t been away in 2 yrs. Im itching to go, but no money at the moment.


I don’t go far from where i live. I have a poor sense of direction and am very anxious in unfamiliar areas.I worry about getting lost and stranded.


I dont travel, my family is based in memphis and only a few aunts and uncles have families out of town. Lucky for me! I hate airplanes and would just ache for a cigarette the whole flight!


I used to before sz. Now I won’t even go near an airport and will never travel by plane again. I hate leaving my home it is truly my safe haven. only exception: camping with my guy and my dogs. Still stressful leaving my house, lovebird and fishies? Oh yeah. Can’t even see my dad who lives in California now cuz I don’t want to leave home.


I don’t travel. I used to as a child and teen - before I got hit with sz. Between the paranoia, anxiety, agoraphobia, mood shifts, phobias, delusions, hallucinations - it’s tough for me personally. But I am sure other MI people do travel, more power to them.