SZ made my thoughts disorganized

I can’t set goals and attain them. I live randomly, I eat whenever I feel to, I sleep whenever I feel to and I play video games whenever I feel to. I can’t set schedules and respect them. I am taking my meds. Meds don’t seem to help.

When I talk to ppl and my family they tell me I always jump from one subject to an unrelated subject. My family gets mad when I am like this.

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I’m so sorry @Aziz. It must be terrible to feel like you have no support from your family. My family doesn’t understand either.

yeah. My daughter used to say, Mom, I can’t switch that fast.

idk. it’s all random thoughts.

My sister changes subjects too quickly too. When you call her on it, she gets irritated and says, “I’m past that!”

I think it’d make a great sketch.

So far, SNL has not called me yet.

ha. I’m better than them.

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