Why a simple conversation I say about anything is met with control and correction from my mother my daughter and Phil

Because I’m a schizophrenic.

Nice try.

I need a better response than that.

Get ur momma outta there.

She dunno the woman you are she just knows the kid you were.

I was on the paratroopers at the county fair listening to this song

All I asked was to give Alec water for dinner tonight

Bathroom problems recently

Turns it into I’m not doing my job

Home is where the hurt is.



Here’s another one around awhile.


When my diagnosis came back, it felt like everything I said and did was questioned - even simple things like when I said something unexpected, the response: “Are you word salading?” As if I had ever had word salad before.

Very frustrating. I don’t know if you’re ever going to get anywhere with your mom. My mom is still like that sometimes, nothing to do with a dx - I’m the kid so why take me seriously? But Phil and Beth need to listen to you.

Well matriarch of the family @Rhubot

But taught me nothing


My daughter holding strong grudge

I never raised her that way

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I’m sorry. Is this still about the election, or something else?

Likely Beth has found a way to block me.

Very sad.

Even cf. Never a pity party.

hugs I’m sorry. Maybe just give her some time to herself.

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