I am feeling shaky

some private thoughts of my own rocked my mental boat so much i am a nervous wreck over nothing right now.

i feel so alone and lonely but i also cannot handle a person in my “real” life right now.

i don’t see a way out.



Hang in there, I’m on a rollercoaster too


Judy, do you want to share your thoughts and talk through it? Would that help?


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hi moonwalker. i’m sure this too shall pass.

what triggers this? i don’t even know.


Could be seasons…

I’m frustrated with the game I play… people in it suck… but I’m still hooked

louise you’re so sweet. thanks. it just came out of nowhere. i felt lost and back in sz hell level 1 or 2.

i hope all is well with everybody here.



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Hi Judy,

I know the feeling all too well. Schizophrenia is so challenging. The thoughts, emotions, feelings it brings you just never know what your going to get.

I just want to say hang in there. We are all in this together!

Best wishes.


How’s your physical health now?

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Hope you are feeling better.


I was wondering this too.

Last I read you were doing well physically.

I’m sorry you feel like that I do too. I’m alone but I just can’t cope with people irl either atm.

hi. thanks for your friendship.

i have a situation where certain people in my life are driving me towards anger and a whole lot of it.

is there anything we can do considering we have an illness of sz?

we should be able to get such people off of us due to dangers to health.


Can you speak out to these people?

chordy. i think they have psychosis and i am afraid to let them “handle” it.

i am just waiting it out until someone else stops them.


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