SZ Book Club

Here you go. Post what you’re reading and look for recommendations

I am currently reading Death Without Company by Craig Johnson.


I’m about half way through “The Many Colored Land” by Julian May. Start of a fantasy/sci fi series I’ve never read before. I’m starting to go back through series I missed on the way through. Good so far. I’m also re-reading Michael Azerrads “This Band Could Be Your Life” for non fiction. An amazing book on the rise of 80’s American alternative rock.

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Behold a pale white horse by Milton Cooper.

It’s controversial literature.

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We never die by Matt Fraser a medium.

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I’m reading You, Happier by Daniel Amen. He’s a psychiatrist. It’s very informative so far

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I’m reading Blue Bloods by: Melissa De La Cruz

It’s kinda hard to understand in some ways but it’s a young adult book about vampires I really wish there was an audio book for this reading it is kinda hard (she thinks a size us 22 in women’s clothing is small it’s not I’m 200 lbs and still size 18)

I’m also listening to Stephanie Myers book Midnight Sun

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