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My grandmother told me I played with two imaginary friends before my little brother was born & she told me their names. From that point on my whole life all the way to this experience now I’ve had a sixth sense about people or any place I’d go into I could really feel if the energy was negative and just didn’t feel right. I wanted to put some of my symptoms up to see if anyone else has had any of these experiences. These are just a few things that I’ve had going on along with the voices.

  • High pitch ringing similar to the sound of an old TV set would give off being on in a quiet room with the volume down. When ever what this is gets closer towards me the ringing gets louder.
  • Back of my neck feels like something has attached itself like two magnets pulling together.
  • Knowing when some kind of presence is around me, feeling of heaviness on your body
  • Shadow People out the corner of my peripheral vision, green orbs of mist with white sparkles of light in them.
  • Having burning of both inner canthi (inner eye)
  • Very vivid dreams almost like my dreams were upgraded to 1080ip and I can remember them like they are real places I’ve been.
  • Of course the commanding voices that mimic friends who are dead or family members who have passed away. I have three, 1 tells me it loves me while the others curse and put me down.
  • Vomit & feces have been put in my nose to smell when the voices first started for me if I didn’t do something they wanted. I don’t get this anymore. There are more things that I’ve experienced since all of this started for me 3 years ago some of it is embarrassing. Religion was a foundation I could stand on until this all happened to me, but It doesn’t fit anymore into what I’m going through. I try to explain that to family & friends they just can’t grasp or comprehend because they feel I’m outside the realm of what is supposed to be normal.

I don’t really see shadow people, I am capable of seeing visuals that are extremely realistic.
Very real visual hallucinations - detail -color and all.
I hear some voices and plenty of noise hallucinations, especially on Abilify when I was on it.
But delusions and paranoia are my big issues.


My oldest son had an imaginary friend called Axel when he was 5 years old. I believe it’s not unusual for kids to have them.

I’ve had visual hallucinations, I saw a dark shadow following me, according to my mom it was my guardian angel. I’ve also seen flies.

WOW! Yes I’ve seen the flies also.

I don’t think that the flies are an accident.

As in “lord of the flies”.

Can’t be an accident, to many schizophrenics see the exact same things, and most of the time it’s all of a certain nature.

It gets obvious when this one woman on youtube told the pdocs “i just keep thinking im the devil”, so in her head it was going “im the devil. Im the devil. Im the devil.” Thats a bit obvious.

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That’s weird !!! I remember I have answered this question ! I have all these symptoms except number one, I didn’t notice if that happens or not, but I have other symptoms as well, I try to pay attention to all of them so I know it’s coming or happening. next to your symptoms I feel drowsy and my head would be like floating on water, I feel a spark in my head I can almost hear it exactly when it happens, it looks like I’ve entered a different dimension, I also see a fly flying towards me, it looks so real that I move my hand trying to get it off me, back when I was a kid I used to see a distinct shadow moving between rooms in the corridor over and over and over again…
I would love to tell you that if the voice you heard was from a dead person then it’s probably saying true facts, I talk from a personal experience.

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My mom has schizophrenia, and I started burning white candles and sage in order to heal her. She sometimes seemed to have a sort of possession, and she would yell out in her sleep. I think healing thoughts toward her, and I petitioned for weeks. It seems to have worked. I learned that healing and protection against darkness is an ongoing human struggle. But although I can’t fully bring her back to herself, she’s doing the best she has in years. I don’t know if she realizes how ill she’s been, but she has moments of clarity.

I went to my boyfriend’s house who has schizophrenia, and I brought home-made holy water and white candles, their house definitely had a presence of negative energy. Well I got rid of a lot of the bad energy. We both cleared the house multiple times.

The thing with schizophrenia is you can sense psychic energy better, that’s one of the positives of having the illness. The bad aspects are the delusions or false beliefs. I don’t consider being spiritually in tune a false belief or delusional behavior. I’m versed in lightwork, and I’ve read up on alot of ways you can remove negative entities and spiritual healing.

Though I do not think demons are directly related to schizophrenia, people with schizophrenia are just more sensitive to spirits. Makes sense.

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I’ve been doing a lot of reading on the symptoms of Demonic Possession looking at the similarities with schizophrenia & the parallels run right with each other. The thing that stuck out particularly with me was the two categories of demonology the state of demon possession into two groups: “Demonic oppression” and complete “Demonic possession.” Demonic oppression is said to be a mild to severe harassment by demonic spirits which often comes as a result of doors that have been opened in an individual’s life through voluntary sin which leads to manipulation in different areas of that life by evil spirits. The Demonic oppression stuck out much more to me. @StarryNight thanks for sharing your story because I know this is not good energy that is messing with me. I would like to learn more about light work. @pansdisease, yes I agree so many of us with this experience do see the exact same things & I really don’t think it’s some coincidence or we’re having hallucinations. You know when you are being messed with if it’s physical or spiritual I’m just not buying into this we are chemically imbalanced or this is some made up thing our brain is running on a psychedelic trip.

I never had any type of hallucination in my life, but during sleeping hours I get all realistic and start “talking” in all the languages I know, screaming and shaking - which possibly is a way to de-compensate that makes up for the lack of hallucinations. It also deprives me of R.E.M. sleep and that just worsens my other symptoms.

It is not an accident, it is the simple fact that we have all brains that are wired similarly and we are all exposed to pretty much the same type of experiences. When the same areas of our brains are affected by the same chemical imbalances, we experience the same abnormalities.

A person who took amphetamine without being SZ would pretty much have the same experiences as you do, only they would know afterwards that it was the trip and not an alter universe that made them feel thus.

If you would be a SZ in an “uncivilized” tribe, maybe your demons would look different and your hallucinations would have other shapes and smells. You would most probably be the shaman there, also, if you didn’t turn aggressive on them or something.

But you are not in an uncivilized tribe. This is why science is here to rescue you.

@Zupa is there really a such thing as a chemical imbalance? I hear so many use that term when there are no biological tests to diagnose mental disorders. What type of scale is being used to measure from in order to come up with a chemical imbalance? No one can take a blood test & then it comes back that it’s chemically imbalanced It would do much better saying someone has vitamin deficiencies, nutrient deficient, cerebral allergies or mineral deficiencies. The medical community is diagnosing mental health by way of behavior & even then they don’t know anything about what we are experiencing, so they continue to keep most tranquilized but never getting to the root of the problem.

Yes, there really is something like a chemical imbalance. The amphetamine users I was talking about can tell you for sure, they are producing that imbalance on purpose.

As for the fact that there is no known individiual test you can take to establish which imbalance you have personally, I agree with you on that point, the only info we have on the relationship between behaviours and chemical reactions in the brain is the result of tests on animals that did not lead a good life after the test if they survived it at all. But we do have a fair amount of knowledge on that relationship, thanks to aforementioned science and aforementioned cruel tests, so we can tell that a human behaviour of some sort is the result of a chemical imbalance of some sort in the brain of said human.

I also agree with the fact that in a lot of cases there are multiple things that are not taken into account when approaching mental health: as you said, vitamins and minerals are much too rarely checked when a behaviour is observed, also the level of some hormones and also the mere lifestyle and history of the person who approaches the doctor. Doctors tend to intervene directly an ounce too often in the process of healing.

For example, if you have a couch potatoe coming in your cabinet with a severe depressia you can and of course must prescribe antidepressants to help him cope, as his/her life is in danger, but it’s not antidepressants that will cure him/her, it is physical exercice, so make a prescription for him/her to go to a personal trainer too, right? Also, if you have a SZ coming to you, give him the pills to cope 'cause they are available, but also offer him insight on the behaviour that causes you to think he is SZ, so he or she can take measures to change it, give them some kind of support group to attend to etc.

If your doctor already does that, I believe you have a good doctor and you yourself might need to be a bit more proactive regarding your illness. If not, however, I understand the frustration you express as to the limited view upon your ilness they might have, I understand why you think they cannot go to the root of the problem.

The only question is: can you yourself go to the root of the problem? Because you are the one who experiences the symptoms, they can only observe them, and consequently you are the only one responsible for erradicating them so you can get to remission. Everyone else is just there to help, as much as they can, if you allow them to .


@Zupa That was well put & taken with considerably high consideration and humility. My life has changed no doubt with having this experience and I really love to obtain as much information I can from all. You have given me something I can expand on even more. Nothing but love…Thanks.

My son has schizophrenia and he’s not even able to articulate his thoughts as well as you guy’s but I honestly think in watching him something has his mind In biblical days there were demon possessed people and they were closer to perfection then we are today so are we really to believe that demons possessed people then but not now?

You relly seem immersed in your imaginary reality.

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