Switching antidepressants... again

Hi my escitalopram stopprd working somehow, or haldol is blocking most of its use. Even 20mgs im not social or anything. I wanted to ask which antidepressant I can ask to be put on. She really insists on trying tricyclics, but they give me too many side effects. How about atypicals? Like trazadone or mirtazapine? Do they help with mood? Iw there anything really similar to escitalopram?

Effexor really screwed me up, I really regret taking it 3 years ago, and I still get side effects from it

I really like Wellbutrin it works different than most other antidepressants. It works super well for me. I’m motivated and not depressed and losing weight on it.


I’m on Wellbutrin and it works just fine for me. I’m able to function and I have goals I want to accomplish.

I’m on lexapro/escitalipram at 20 mg too. I think it’s not very good or strong enough to help my depression. I hope you find a better one.

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