Searching for a new. Antidepressant

I’m currently researching ADs to switch to. Was on zoloft 200mg but unhappy with it because I think it’s pooped out on me. Also currently taking 150mg wellbutrin. I’ve tried many more in the past with varying degrees of success but willing to retry them - paxil, lexapro, effexor, Prozac, wellbutrin.

Any recommendations? What works for you? Least side effects?

Thanx. Any input will help when I meet with the pdoc this coming week to discuss.

Of those ones you didn’t mention, I was taking only Fluoksetin and Lamictal, but they didn’t work. I felt like they were too weak for me. :unamused:

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Where are you from @sarad? (Just now catching on that you aren’t American) I googled flouksetin and it is our prozac.

Lol that is funny.
Eastern Europe, Croatia.

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I was also taking Velaflax, which is yours Effexor. Personally, I find wellbutrin the most effective and with no side effects at all.

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Duloxetine is a good one

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I’m on Lexapro right now and it’s okay. Digestive side effects, some acne, and I’m a little worried my hair is falling out on it, but don’t know for sure. I’m on a very small dose, 10 mg. I was in the middle of what seems like a mixed state when I was put on it, and it halted immediately, though that might be because I finally took steps to get help, too. I’m more talkative and more stable since I started it, but still down and seem to have less motivation and concentration in some areas than before.

On the other hand, I did make both a dentist appointment and a obgyn appointment several weeks after I started, both of which I had been too frightened to do for years prior to that.

In the past, I was on both Prozac and Paxil to disastrous results - rage issues primarily. I was on Amitriptyline and it worked very very well for me.

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We added on 150mg wellbutrin for sexual libido, but nothing happened nor did my mood improve. In fact, moods been worse, lots of stress lately. So I could start by upping to 300mg wellbutrin. When I was on it in the past, pre-psychosis or remission, it worked for a number of years until it wasn’t effective anymore. But then when we did add it on as a 2nd AD the pdoc seemed to think at the time 2 ADs would be most effective. Idk.

Thanks for your input. Paxil was the very 1st AD I ever tried back when I was a teenager. I remember being very uncomfortable and edgy, I didn’t give it a chance to work before I quit it. I don’t know if Prozac worked or not because I was on clozapine at the.same time and an utter zombie. So those both might be options. I’m not sure how I feel about a tricyclic because of all the side effects they carry.

Cymbalta is on my list of maybes. It treats major depression, anxiety, and urinary incontinence. Major side effects seem to be: decr libido, decr appetite, drowsiness, fatigue, insomnia, and sweating. So not too bad when compared to the other SNRIs.

This is tough -weighing needs with the least possible side effects. I know myself well enough that this time around I need to make an informed decision so that I remain med-compliant and healthy.

So I met with the pdoc and we decided on Lamictal. Funny thing was I went to the appt feeling pretty good today. So I felt stupid trying to explain all that’s been going on and how low I’ve been feeling.

Any reviews on Lamictal guys?