Switched meds, losing weight!


My dr finally put me on a weight neutral med, Haldol. I lost 4 pounds this past week! Yay!


Good for you!

Haldol is weight neutral for me too. Before i went back on it, I had been gaining weight on Abilify with no changes to diet. When I went back on Haldol, the Abilify weight melted off. Something in Abilify didn’t agree with me and made me gain.


I’m the same way with lots of different antipsychotics, but Haldol seems to agree with me.


When I started abilify it increased my appetite. Then I started taking a bcomplex and my appetite returned to normal.

Now I’m on a diet I’m losing weight on it too.


The B complex idea is interesting.


I lost 50 pounds from switching to injectable Risperdal from the oral form.


Thats great! I can get up to 300 and develope diatebetes and my pdoc still wouldnt switch me… honestly if i had a job and didnt spend my work day exercising id be like 300 easily by now hahah


I’m prediabetic and that’s not what convinced her to change my meds. It was my symptoms. I wonder why they’re like that about it. I’m 90 pounds over my ideal weight for my height. But because my symptoms didn’t improve she was willing to try a new, weight nuetral med


Idk either and your pre diabetic. Its good thing your losing weight hopefully your new med works out.


Glad you’re having success losing weight. Sounds like the med change was good for you. How are your symptoms on the Haldol? Have they improved?


Starting today I quit APs, hope to lose weight please :pleading_face:


I’m the same with it as I was before. No meds have changed what I see or believe. I have noticed I see certain things less though, like once a day now.