I think i am going to have to switch meds again

i am thinking of switching to abilify i hope it doesnt ■■■■ up my weight like zyprexa did i have lost 44 pounds since switching to geodon but my mood swings and anger irritability are really bad and i feel like i am getting a little bit crazier on this med the voices are quiet but i think i am in remission from the last med i was on but i feel like if this med isnt working for my mood it probably isnt doing anything for the voices either but i cant even tell because the voices have stayed the same since i switched, i dont know for sure if i am going to switch but i definitely dont feel normal and i am doing crazy stuff im hoping if i do switch to abilify that it doesnt mess with my metabolism and prevent me from losing more weight or make me gain because i just recently got under 200 pounds and it would suck to be over 200 again i started back doing keto again today i did it for 2 months but i am doing it again because i like how it reduces my appetite,

ik if i really have to switch meds the withdrawal is gonna be hell because i get panic attacks just from skipping my morning dose of geodon and i never really am a person to get that anxious except for when i used to smoke weed,
i am also afraid of taking the meds together because of the side effects of geodon on my heart so i dont know how i will go about this if my doctor thinks i should switch

good news: abilify is considered pretty close to weight neutral


my pdoc was looking at weight neutral meds and he said he would have tried abilify but I didn’t respond well with invega sustenna. I know Haldol is weight neutral but it has all kind of side effects. I hope you can switch to a better med that makes me you happy

I was thinking of trying Haldol when I was on my last med but people were telling me they didn’t feel good on it so I tried Geodon and my mood has been pretty ■■■■■■ its allowed me to lose weight instead of gain but i don’t know if its working

I really liked Haldol but I have mild tardive dyskinesia from a short course of abilify and I guess the pdoc thinks haldol makes it worse. Or maybe she thinks it will make it worse. I really don’t care if my lips are pursing when I’m dealing with three cloaked black figures staring at me all day or hearing an evil voice call to me from the electrical outlets. You know what I mean?

I would rather have a few tremors then deal with voices I just worry what will I do without them but that’s a whole another thread