Supplements to reduce anxiety/feel calmer?

Any suggestions? I’ve ordered some Reishi extract just now, but looking for other things to try.

I use a lot of scented oils in diffusers. They make a difference for me, even though many people don’t think they work.


I take 300mg per day.

Most of what cured my anxiety is inner peace

Unfortunately I experienced psychotic symptoms on L-theanine. I think it’s because it raises dopamine. It seems to work for some though.

That is unfortunate. I’ve read it does increase dopamine (and serotonin I think too), but it also increases GABA which is the responsible for calming the nervous system.

I also take pure cbd. Gummies and capsules and salve. It does calm me down.

I tried a GABA supplement a year ago maybe. I took it in the daytime and it made me sleepy. Maybe I should try it before going to bed to see if I get better sleep.

Anything that triggers the placebo effect for you.

Sorry, but I firmly believe the reason supplements and alternative treatments work, unless they are for a medically diagnosed deficiancy, is because the person wants them to work and starts believing they do.

That being said, for me, it’s chamomile tea.
In my favourite bookseries they use it for anxiety and restlessness, so i’ve come to think of it as a remedy.

It might as well being the feeling of warm liquid in my belly giving my brain happy drugs. It’s a proven effect.

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@Miika Chamomile tea is definitely effective and hugely underrated. Sometimes I also use valerian tea and more recently cbd.

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I disagree with that. There are studies to back up the effects of many supplements. It’s clearly not all placebo.

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I find long walks in the countryside makes me feel calmer.

I’m kind of interested in learning about diffusers and scents. Any recommendations for beginners? Also, may I ask what cbd dose do you find effective for anxiety?

I would get a variety of scented oils. Just smell them, before using them to see if they create any emotions or feelings, good or bad. It’s kind of strange how certain scents will evoke certain memories or feelings. My favorite is tangerine oil. It energizes me and is uplifting. I wear them on my wrists and in a necklace. You can get a diffuser for your house. Beware the oils are strong, so don’t use a whole lot.

I’m on 75 mg of cbd per day. I started on 25 mg. But 75 seems to work best. The capsules are the best I think but they are expensive. I also take turmeric pills, which also help. It does relax me without making me sleepy. I have auto immune disorders and they’ve greatly decreased my inflammation. Im no longer bed ridden and using a cane. I do take regular meds for my arthritis, but the cbd definitely helps.

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I’ve tried GABA supplements too but it didn’t have any effect on me. I’ve found l-theanine more effective but goes with what works for you!

My sister works at a health food store, and she recommended something called rescue formula, and holy basil tea for a friend of mine. I’m not sure if they work, but something to look into

Oh, I almost forget, check out CalmAid (Silexan) for anxiety/feel calmer. It’s from the lavender plant. I wrote a post about here on the forum with some studies to back it up. I take it, but not every day. A lot of people swear by it and it gets good reviews.

CBD hemp flower

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melatonin, its a sleep supplement though. But its available and can be cheap.

This does wonders for my anxiety.