Chamomile Tea 🌼

This is the second time I test out chamomile tea.

I just tried a double quantity ready made no-caffeine version and it’s been 5 minutes since I started drinking the tea and already I feel much less anxious, and it seems it has a soothing effect. My racing thoughts are reduced.

I wonder if I can get this in a pill form like L-Theanine.

I will try drinking the tea a few times a day starting tomorrow and let’s see what happens. It looks promising. I wonder how long it lasts.


Lasts until the end of time lol


I bought some chamomile pills. They didn’t do much for anxiety but did make me really sleepy.

Be aware that taking chamomile pills long term can thin your blood.

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I guess I need to wait this out till January to see my pdoc so we can start testing out anxiety medications. It is becoming an endless war with myself for no reason.


Yes this is effective alongside exercise, journaling, music, and intensive therapy. good luck getting rid of your anxiety!

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