Suicidal thoughts are symptoms of the disease, right?

Because they’ve gotten pretty bad lately. Not like “I feel so depressed it’s agony” kind but like “if I die I’ll get reincarnated and get live another life” because that’s got the whole spiritual delusion vibe to it. Am I supposed to be able to see through it like that though?

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It still sounds like depression. You can be schizophrenic, and satisfied with your life. But depression often times accompanies schizophrenia, and that’s what leads to suicidal thoughts. It does sound a little schizophrenic though, from the spirituality perspective. I used to have similar thoughts, then I would tell myself “If I kill myself, I’ll go to hell for that” and I wouldn’t do it. Then the suicidal thoughts eventually passed. They always do. I hope you feel better, you will sometimes soon. Don’t kill yourself. Many people love you I’m sure, and you will learn to love yourself.

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ew, what if all the folks that committed suicide come back in their next life as SZ?

It’s depression. If you weren’t depressed you wouldn’t care about dying so you could have a different life. The belief of reincarnation in itself is not psychosis, many people have that in their belief system.

(might be triggering, read at your own risk…just my random thoughts on the topic, and I’m not trying to instigate an argument with my opinions on the matter we are all free to believe what we want to believe.)

A lot of times I feel if died it would be so much easier on me. I don’t believe in reincarnation, but I do believe in Heaven and Hell and a part of me is terrified if I die I’d go to hell. However there are those that would claim that once you die, that is it. There’s nothing after death, you would cease to exist. Sometimes I wonder if that would be even better because that would mean no more pain period…but there would also be no more joy, or love. As in reincarnation there’s always a chance you’d come back as someone worse as well. No one really knows what happens after death.

Many claim to see some great white light, or their life flash before them, or have an out-of-body experience. When I was hospitalized last year (pneumonia and bronchitis plus a large mass on my thyroid) and in a comma for three weeks I saw nothing. I remember nothing but blackness. I remember the trip in the ambulance, I vaguely remember sitting in a room waiting for something…then in a solo room by myself, then the next thing I woke up in intensive care with all these tubes hooked to me. I don’t know if I was near death or not. I did have a breathing tube and something to help my heart pump…so I would assume I came close to it right? Was I just so drugged and out of it I don’t remember anything?

Honestly aside from the fear of ending up in hell, the only thing that keeps me going sometimes is my family. My parents and my brother. My aunts, uncles, cousins, and my niece. How would they handle my loss? Though I do believe depression and schizophrenia are linked in some way I can not explain how or why. Probably because at times we’re in so much emotional turmoil or brains are looking for a way out of it, and a lot of the time death pops into our heads as a means of escaping our intrusive, and more times than not, negative thoughts and voices. But since no one truly knows what happens when we die I don’t think it’s a solution to our problems.

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I believe in God 100% but I’m agnostic about the afterlife. I have no fricking clue what happens when we die. When you die N,N-Dimethyltryptamine is released from your body. This is a proven FACT. I’ve smoked N,N-Dimethyltryptamine and I tripped BALLS, very similar to how people describe near death experiences. So when people have near-death experiences they could just be experiencing a N,N-Dimethyltryptamine trip for all we know :confused: So which is why I stay agnostic about the afterlife. I don’t believe the universe could have been created without a god, but I also don’t know if that same God guarantees us a life after our death…my 2 cents.


Yeah, since no one knows it’s dangerous. What if its WORSE than life?? A lot of belief systems, especially older ones, teach that the afterlife is a very drab and depressing place where nothing ever happens, which is why spirits want to try to hang around our world. Life is supposed to be a blessing we should enjoy, accepting the bad as it comes with good, while we’re here according to those teachings.

I get so many thoughts about it. What if when you die you are just stuck in your body forever for example, until it rots away.

My personal belief is that suicide is a bad idea because the powerful negative feelings will attract negative entities that will try to lead you astray or take you to lower planes, or it will make purgatory a nightmare for you. (I think purgatory is a place where souls go to be cleansed before ascending to higher planes, it is therapeutic but can also be traumatic depending on your life) Then when you do get home to the higher planes, you will reincarnate but since you didn’t complete your lesson plan and ended it prematurely, you will have to have a life with all the exact same struggles you had before only you’ll have to start from the beginning again. You have to keep doing this until you finish the lesson.

So not only is it a bad idea, it is ultimately futile. That’s my belief.


I believe in a Heaven, Hell and Purgatory, and also feel that some-thing created the universe and life itself. I understand the big-bang theory and that its possible our universe was created when another star/universe exploded and in that energy it created us…all matter revolving around and collecting on itself…but why? In my personal opinion the methods of the big-bang were how God created us. I believe that our soul is separate from our body hence when our body dies our soul continues to live.

If you are a good, kind person you go to Heaven…and by good and kind I don’t mean you have to go to the extremes like Mother Theresa or Pope-John Paul…but just live life in a pure state and not “intentionally” harm others or yourself. (And by intentionally well I mean with knowledge that you are doing something wrong and know its wrong when you do it, but do it anyway…I’d like to think those of us with mental illnesses who cannot control our thoughts or actions at times that we be held with some lea-way). After all we’re taught that Jesus died and went to Hell for three days so we wouldn’t have to.

However, if you intentionally do bad things, and know and understand that they are bad then you eventually will suffer in Hell. Purgatory is a place of torment in a different manner, if you are confused, or unsure of what happened you either get stuck in purgatory, or as some would say limbo…even going so far to being trapped here in the Earth realm because you don’t understand what happened to you and that you’ve passed on. Then there are evil spirits who know what happen and are afraid of going to Hell for eternity so they stick around as long as possible on this planet (which is where we get ghosts from the good unsure they’re dead and not know how to move on or those that know they’re dead and don’t want to move on).

I’m not saying good is Christian. or Buddhist, or Muslim…good can come from any religion. God created man, man created religion…you can have God without following a specific religion.

As for suicide I think (though I hate thinking so negatively about this) is very selfish. Yes you are in pain, lots and lots of pain (with our illnesses, I feel we’ve all experienced more emotional pain than we feel we can handle). But to kill ourselves we take away ourselves from family and friends. Again this brings me back to when I was in the hospital. Part of me thinks it would have been easier to slip away when I wasn’t aware of my surroundings but then what of my parents?

How bad would my death affect them, or my brother? Especially considering the week I was released from the hospital my grandfather passed after suffering a second severe stroke. What would that have done to my mom especially (since it was her father) if she lost both her father and daughter in the same month? We may find suicide a relief for us, but our burdens soon become our family’s burden as they have to take over all of our debt, and pay our bills, and the added funeral costs after we’re gone. It is not fair to put that added strain on their lives.

I don’'t know if we’d be punished if we committed suicide because of the amount emotional turmoil we’re in and not particularly seeing things clearly. I would like to think that God is a forgiving entity that would look at your life as a whole and not the last few minutes of your life. But I also believe with every action there is a reaction. I just don’t want to know what the reaction to suicide is.

anyways, that is just what I, you can agree or disagree…that is the freedom of choice and free-will

Suicidal thoughts are intrusive thoughts.
I get that a lot.
You don’t really want to die.
You just get hostile alien thoughts that drive you mad.
I would classify what you are experiencing as intrusive thoughts.


while I have some Christian leanings, I’d rather live my life (i.e. make decisions) based on the idea that it just ends and be surprised (in a good way) if it doesn’t. At the same time I’d rather err on the side of caution and be a good person so if there is an after life I don’t end up in hell (this includes suicide). Somehow I think this approach gets you the best perspective to live practically and effectively.

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