Sugar improves my mood, but

When I consume a lot of sugar I get an instant, but temporary, elevation of my mood. The only problem is that sugar seems to inflame the connective tissue in my legs. I’ve been walking back and forth in my room to get some exercise, but when I eat a good amount of sugar before I do my walking my hips hurt when I try to exercise. The pain gets to be great enough to make me quit walking. I guess I’ll try to cut back on the sugar.

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Good luck.

(Quick question: have you consumed more sugar, since becoming a schizophrenic? This has been my experience; before, I hardly consumed any.)

Sugar is awesome.

I’ve increased my sugar intake since cutting back on nicotine.

But yeah, its awesome in moderation.

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The sugar might be hurting you in ways that aren’t apparent right now.
But you might find out further down the line.


One of the things people forget is that sugar comes from a plant.

It is in its natural form a “herb” which can be used to affect the body in some beneficial way in a particular situation. Even cocaine and other hard drugs when used by a doctor can be beneficial in certain applications.

If sugar helps you that’s great. We shouldn’t demonize it. It can help us get over humps in our lives like cocoa chocolate coffee etc

Only thing I’d say is if you’re using it for long term maybe try a more natural less processed sugar I.e. honey, raw sugar, stevia etc etc

White processed sugar can be a little unstable but sugar cane is a good usable plant :seedling: :man_health_worker:

Edit: sorry I thought you were saying sugar was working for you (it’s late :joy:)

Sugar does improve my mood for a short amount of time, but my relationship to sugar is probably bad for my health. I’ve always craved sugar. When I was little if I came across a batch of cookies I would eat around seventeen of them. They say that alcohol is a form of sugar, and I am a recovering alcoholic. I craved alcohol the same way I craved sugar. Now I have four and a half years of sobriety, but I still crave alcohol from time to time. It took many hard lessons to get me where I was motivated to quit.

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Sorry, forgot to add.

Sugar + L Theanine is a nice mix when your mood is low.

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Sugar elevated my mood too until I stepped on the scale.

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