Succes stories

I am asking for some uplifting succes stories of people who have schizophrenia. I want to read stories of people who live a relatively normal life, despite their illness.

Are you independent? Can you take care of yourself? Do you have a wife or girlfriend? How about kids? Are able to hold down a job?

Tell me! Give me the details. How long did you struggle before you got your life together? I am 32 now, I finished my bachelor university (law), haven’t been able to hold down a job yet. In the future si want to try and become a lawyer or at least do something with my law degree, and if God is gracious I hope to find love and maybe even start a family.

I want to live a normal and succesful life, but so don’t know if I can.


You’ll find lots of people on here who live a normal life. Lots have a wife or husband.

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Do you think I can as well? Is 32 too old?

Even if you dont its not a reason for euthanasia. Are you still thinking about euthanasia? I hope not.

@Chester_Navarro - 32 is still young. You have lots of time to get stuff done.

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It has taken years to get where I am now.

I do work. When I started working I had no insight into the illness for over two years, and then I realised why things were so difficult.

There are plenty of things you can do, just keep searching and find your niche.


Sometimes. I really do prefer to be dead than with this illness. But I have no choice, I have to try my best.

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What can you still do? Nothing makes you happy? If not you might need antidepressants especially since you feel suicidal.

I have a success story. I got up this morning and emptied the dish washer.
It’s the little things.


Life can be ok without keeping a job, husband/wife, friends and such too. I think it’s hard to come to peace with your illness.

I hope you will feel better later too…

I wanted to be dead for long time too but now since a couple years I feel better and managed to come to terms with my illness. It’s still ups and downs of course. But I don’t feel i want to die usually anymore.

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John Nash managed to overcome it apparently,

As did his son enough to get a PhD however then seemed to become reclusive afterwards

Elyn sykes is an example of someone who’s working and functions pretty well with the condition,

Not sure who else tbh


What makes you happy? How do you survive without family and friends? I’d be miserable.

I like to watch a movie each day and an episode of a series. I do this with my father. I live together with my mother and father. I also get a visit from a girl from mobile team every 2 weeks and she takes me out for a walk. I feel ok with all this. I accepted that i won’t be like my brother and sisters and by being realistic i can feel ok with what i have.
I used to be miserable but I got better. I’m not sure if the AD i take has anything to do with it.
I also listen some music every day and that helps too. I also make music when I feel in creative mood.


I think you gotta find happyness in little things. Like i try to enjoy the little moments i have. I don’t really know to say how i’m happy with just this. But all I can say is that you can be happy even if you don’t have a “normal” life


Are you dutch? Ik ook. Woon je in Nederland?

Anyone else? Come on, inspire us with your story!

Well I would have killed ppl if I was without meds. And/or I would have killed myself. I have almost done both. So now I am much better eventhough I stay in bed all day everyday in my room. Better than dying or rotting in prison if you ask me.

Are you happy? Where do you live? Do you live alone?

I live with my parents, they control my money as I cant manage money or live independently.

I have good and bad days. Happy overall.