Do you have a success story sz

I’m just wondering does having a success story mean your okay with yourself and you admit that you have schizophrenia and your being treated. I have sz, and I have more then one type of sz, I feel good at times, manage to clean the house, take care of three dogs for my kids, and cook. I have to have a schedule, manage my time and as possible. I have goals and one of them is to lose weight and be at a healthy weight


That is a success story. Your alive and moving forward. Doing what you have to do.

Wait for Anna and mouse to graduate and get good jobs helping other sz. Those will be real success stories.


I’m not interested in candy coating my life. I was a psychology student at one time at Metro State College in Denver, Colorado I did research and took classes with Dr. Milkman, a
A great teacher and author on pathological illnesses. I was in therapy and counseling at the campus and wrote for the Metro newspaper on topics related to my field of study. I was depressed, had an an eating disorder, anxiety and learning problems, but schizophrenia, never, never, never. This was back in 94-96

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I’m the Pumpkin King and it’s Friday night and I’m buzzing pretty hard. I’m what people often refer to as “turnt” or “lit” right now.

I could elaborate on how I am successful but just take my word for it that I am highly functioning, extremely highly functioning.

I lifted over 500lbs six times no lie there’s a video of it on YouTube


I’m Hispanic, I was taught good manners, never speak unless spoken too, children are better not heard or seen, never gloat. And it’s best never to say anything because you have nothing good to say. Hmmm, cultural differences in society do lack preservation, I’m still preserved.


You’re ALL success stories, baby!


Those traditions of pretending you don’t exist don’t sound healthy for the human psyche

I know that is why I have sz. I’m genetically predisposition to my environment

I have a book listed on the front page of this site “OUT OF IT An autobiography on the experience of schizophrenia” the book is available on amazon. the excerpt on the front page link is the first thirty pages of my book".


They do state that there is a significant association with highly expressed emotion and relapses, as well as the leading theory being that the genetic component sometimes requires a trigger (perfect storm of nurture and nature) to make one become schizophrenic. However, there is some research supporting the theory that people are mostly born destined for the illness due to abnormal behaviors traced back to very early years, such as how I stuck my left pinky out in pictures of me when I was like three and four. I also was highly neurologically aroused, afraid of the dark and overly attached to my parents.

I have a book “revealing schizophrenia” which talks about the whole tracing the behaviors back to childhood. I noticed I follow that theory. Actually, I follow all theories, even the obsolete ones. Everything was in place for me to become a madman and look at me now! Such insane, much madness, very schizophrenic, wow!

You wrote a book 0_o? How did I not know that.

I don’t talk about it a lot. it has small sales but I feel like I did enough just getting the book out there to be proud of it. I want to get some savings built up and put it in a publishing convention. about $800.


The doge. 15 charcters

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Oh, okay, yes, nature and nurture make sense to me that is why I studied ecotherapy, I was really hoping to create my own destiny by learning and teaching nature therapy. An example looking at a tree and asking myself questions “How is my self worth” I really like puppies, I have a puppy quotes page on Facebook.

What about just having it on Kindle? Or pdf or ebook

amazon used to carry a kindle version of it however someone discontinued the option to get kindle on this book. My book is listed under “success stories” on the front page if you want to read a fifth of the book.

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Hi, I’m ****** ******* and I have SZ.

I’ve learned the best way to prove something is to fail at proving it wrong.


Yes, I have a success story. My success is relative though, and a work in progress. If you are interested, I can share a couple of links.


I would be interested AberrantSalienc

My new Kindle fire is great. Lots of Amazon apps to choose,from