Is it possible to have success and have sz at the same time

I have very low success in life. I don’t have a job, live with my parents. Don’t socialize nearly enough. Does anybody experience success?


Plenty of people do and you’ll find people move from here to a decent life. Getting the meds right really can make a difference so it’s important to work on self care and be proactive with your meds. It’s not easy. It really isn’t but starting with some positive things is always good.


I would say it is tough, but possible. :chicken::chicken::chicken:


I think a “normal” person can have it all. Marriage,kids,big house,nice car, nice job, nice friends etc etc etc.

I think schizophrenics can have some of that.

I’ve noticed some people on here have one thing while others have another thing. I think it’s rare to have it all.


Your post made a thought pop in my head. What percentage of people experience success with sz. I don’t know maybe it’s around 10%

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I hope you don’t mind me asking, but how do you experience success?

That is a hard question. Who knows. :snake::snake::snake:

Some people do really well.

I live a great life as I’m quite happy with my lot. I am on disability but I do volunteering usually a couple of days a week at the cricket club which is very rewarding. I know the intricacies of preparing turf wickets and ground management and I still play at 50 years of age.

I Live with my father and help pay the bills as they helped me out long ago so it’s good to pay back. You can still live a rich life even with sz. Might be a little different from most but we aren’t the only ones with challenges.


85% of schizophrenics are unemployed but you can still be happy. There is many normies who have nothing, some normies are even homeless.


Success for me at this point (I’m 50) is just peace of mind.

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Good post, I can tell why you were a med student. Didn’t you say you went to Medical school?

No that’s gcar. I have a degree in physiotherapy and had the grades to transfer to medschool the 1st semester before schizophrenia.

That is an interesting fact. I’ll have to remember that (85% of people with sz don’t have jobs.)

oh, so you could have made it to medical school, ok. What does gcar mean?

Its written here on Wikipedia:

“Most people with schizophrenia live independently with community support. About 85% are unemployed. In people with a first episode of psychosis in scizophrenia a good long-term outcome occurs in 31%, an intermediate outcome in 42% and a poor outcome in 31%.”

@gcar is in medschool. He’s a user here.

oh, ok………151515

Makes me feel better! That most people with sz don’t work.

I agree with your statement. I like to share my work attributes because I’ve been able to stay employed and have had glimpses of success. It’s the one area I’ve excelled in and a little boasting on the forum doesn’t hurt.