How successfull are you with being a person with sz

I would say I am about 20 percent successfull with functioning with sz, compared to 100 percent. I feel fortunate with getting help with financial needs, but at the same time I am still suffering my butt off. I don’t have any friends, and I don’t have a job either.


Not sure.

I am raising a family, but my house is a mess from hell.
I am working a job, low hours except for this past month of extra hours.
I may get a second job.


I think for me its 60% .
I feel sz is a boon in my journey, but some time I go off track.
But man when I get a hold of it I will be in full swing.
Its a boon because at right mind set I get to focus at a strech of 11 hours.
Even though I am not financially stable.
I believe I am 60% successful.

Successful at what…?

Anything that makes you feel successfull.

I am perfectly content and happy with my life the way it is.

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I do a lot of what society looks on as normal—even though I’m not normal. I have the job, I’m enrolling in my next class, I drive, live mostly independently, take care of my money. I go to get a haircut or pick up a new clothes hamper or do my laundry. I somehow do whatever comes up in a normal life. I may procrastinate about doing things but I get things done. I don’t have any friends but I’m friendly with my co-workers. The neighbor thing is up in the air. I go out to eat for fun or take walks. And do all the things that come up in my life.
Am I successful? You be the judge.


I think I’m a bit successful at life. Having schizophrenia was a big challenge but now I get to put myself together and catch up from where I left off before sz. Anosognosia really was my biggest problem you know. Now I have great insight so I have a better chance at being more successful. Insight gave my suffering a meaning (not psychotic insight) I mean… I have a job, live alone, got over my last relationship well and I work well with my colleagues. I’m grateful for the good stuff I have and so I feel successful, even contented with my life.

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Have stayed out of psych hospital since Mar 1983, but no friends & never employed. Married to Brenda from 1986- 2005(her death) Lived together since 1983. Leading a rather basic, uncomplicated life with a fair amount of support.

Previous to that -2005- 2017 increasing self neglect. Very little help from MH services.

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I’m studying full-time with a small job (if the interview gets approved lol) on the side.

But unfortunately my physical health is declining really fast. It sucks.

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I am successful at beating positive symptoms only lol not negative symptoms

I’m successful with beating negative symptoms. I have a good support network in the group home. It could be worse. I have lots of planed holidays/vacations.

Which meds did enable you to work etc? I was able to work full time for a year while on 80mg Latuda in an accounting office entering data into accounting softwares and Excel. Had to stop it due to side effects and due to positive symptoms getting worse. I am stuck in bed lots of the time now on 6mg Risperdal. Sucks big time.

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I take 150mg Invega monthly injection. I never really had negative symptoms only after being manic for awhile. I’ve had way more positive symptoms and severe psychosis.

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I am the very model of a modern major general.

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I feel lucky to be alive and stable so I consider myself very successful. My health is very good, my teeth are good, I’m not in pain, have insight into my illness, not delusional, firmly grounded in reality, not depressed and am successfully getting off my antidepressant. On top of that my net worth is almost at 200k. I’m doing my best and slowly an working to get my own business and become fully independent.

I’ve come a long way from almost dying to where I am now and hopefully it continues to get better.

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I’m great at being schizophrenic. I should be, I’ve had 40 years of practice.


I am fortunate enough that I get a check from the government to support me. It’s not a lot, but it is enough for me. I’m very good at economizing. I figure there are ways I can contribute even though I am disabled.

I’m not very successful. I only make $1252 a month on disability. I don’t have a car. I live in subsidized housing. My meds are managed by mental health. And I’m 100 pounds overweight.

I think I am beating the illness after years of struggle.

I finally drove a car today after years.

I have cognitive symptoms of schizophrenia, plus I think I fear social situations a lot.

This anxiety has increased over time, but because I have overcome tougher symptoms, I will soon start socializing.

I don’t see a psychiatrist for now, nor a therapist. This is because I am well with no positives or negatives. I saw one recently, his idea was to raise the dose so that cognitive symptoms go away. I understand they are refractory to treatment, so I didn’t see the point.

I will start CBT soon under my own supervision to become more social again. Psychiatrist said start Pregablin but it is a weight-gainer so I didn’t take it.

Frankly, I am tired of medications. I like the two I take, there are no side effects.

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