Stupid Beliefs of being multiple people -- Delusions

I can’t believe how sick and delusional I am. Like I thought I was different people in past lives and other dimensions or parallel universes. Like how delusional and stupid and grandiose can I get? I’m pretty sure I experienced trauma several times including in past lives, but I never figured out why, really. I mean even if I did do stuff, it would have been in a different reality or past life.

Like I believed I worked on UFOs, helped create bitcoin, was a time traveler, been to different parallel earths, was a super genius, was German in a past life, Vampire, know the cure for schizophrenia, was famous, was rich, and escaped and helped build the simulation (or a simulation), hate the sims, want to be real, suffered tremendous loss, was a victim, was a scientist, writer, psychic, was in the Illuminati, etc.

I know there’s no evidence, but I still get paranoid. I know I am delusional and ■■■■. I just wonder and think why can’t the government figure out who Satoshi is? With all their power and tech and ■■■■, and even these genius billionaires and programmers cannot figure it out…unless it wasn’t a single person or group, but a government project. I often think aliens, time travel, matrix theory, etc. was involved. I feel like it could have been inserted from a parallel universe (mandela effect) or our reality could be constantly edited and manipulated with. Not sure how. But I think something is going on like we live in a computer program in a lower dimensional reality being controlled by superior beings in a higher dimension.

It’s baffling. Who will I be next? Will I have another delusion about being someone else? Obviously, it’s false and not true. I just think it’s stupid and I am gathering and gaining insight into my condition.

It’s just stupid. Willl I be spider man or batman or super man next? lol :face_vomiting:

I think of Voice of God technology (with time travel) so the people in the future can reverse the tech and send signals back in time. Probably not real yet – or maybe it is. I think of Valis. Basically Voice of God tech is technology to insert voices into people’s heads. It’s sick.

I’m dirt poor, but I think what if I’m this super famous smart guy that no one knows about? I know it’s not real, but why do I have these thoughts? Narcissism and grandiose beliefs? Do I have a inferiority complex lol? I have thousands or honestly hundreds of different delusions or false memories.

I get memories of past lives which I think are from stupid energy drinks and are causing psychosis. A lot of smart, genius type people think they created bitcoin or know who he is. I know it’s not me and I’ll never get any money. I just think it’s funny that I think it can be hacked with quantum computers, it will rise in price and then drop in the future eventually, and I don’t like or support it but I know about it and have interest in it. I don’t own any bitcoins lol.

I feel like I had a quantum computer before given to me by space aliens in a past life and even something more powerful like the Matrix.

I worry a lot and I’m scared a lot because of these beliefs and delusions.

I go to different realities a lot. I feel like I know a lot like stuff no one cares about or knows about.

My thoughts and delusions are so complicated it goes off the deep end of the deep end lol. There’s no way I can cover everything in a post or on this forum.

It’s so bizarre and unreal and surreal.

Why do I think I am different people? Do I have a personal identity disorder or identity crisis? Dissociate amnesia?

I don’t know. This is just random crap I’m posting.

Strangest memory I had (parallel universe or different dimension) was L. Ron Hubbard was my step-dad. Could have been fake or something, but I still have the delusion and memories and ■■■■. It feels so real lol. No meds can fix this crap. Only thing is I have to focus on the future.

Are you like that now? When unmedicated I thought I was Jesus, Hitler and Einstein at the same time. I thought that I will invent Heaven in a lab lol

Not to sound too crazy, but I’ve been abducted by aliens over 100 times probably if you include past lives and parallel universes. Maybe more. They’ve been doing ■■■■ to me and experimenting on me. Maybe not in this life, but my other lives.

In this life, I’m a normal person with schizophrenia. Normal IQ, no skills, and no work or projects or anything. Just memory, psychosis, and false psychic powers.

I find it crazy that people are searching for ET when I’ve been abducted, seen them, etc. Not many people believe it here or accept it here. It’s triggering to folks.

But I wanted to be abducted by aliens like a trillion lifetimes ago. I regret it now. Been through the wormholes, light beems, and stuff. Makes me think humans are involved because I saw a flyer about a youtube video I made in a distant past life that was associated with the anal probing and going to a different dimension through a portal lol.

It sounds super human or more. It’s crazy, man.

Like one of my delusions was I tried to be an economist and came up with the idea “tipping was inefficient” I guess as an undergrad. I feel like someone changed my fate because I have dreams of someone telling me to be a math major (academic) instead of an economist or economics major. But in this life and this timeline, I did it for myself. I get dreams.

I feel like I had many jobs in the multiverse and different college degrees but have to start over continuously from scratch because that knowledge is lost or forgotten.

All I know is the universe bounces back and I remember stuff while everyone else starts their life over. When? I don’t know. It doesn’t matter. How? I don’t know and could care less.

I always see one other parallel demension, as a version of me living a similar life. I sort of have had delusions of other half baked personalities alot though, asif the real me is trapped behind a brick wall forever.

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Maybe you did do all those things. I’ve taken past life quizzes. They say I was an Egyptian queen and a scientist.

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What’s anal probing lol? I googled it and it showed p0rn lol

Mines non linear in time and far out there. Like I believe i was jack parsons in another life. I was fritz v ( dont know last name), and l Ron Hubbard was my step father. Something sinister…

I’m a good, Christian guy, but was insane in my other lives. I think Christianity protects me from aliens.

I never figured out why or understood why I was targeted, except if I was a starseed or empath. Some kids like myself are screwed from birth.

I was normal before 2011. Maybe im a doppelganger or from a parallel universe and not the same person I used to be.

I think the world is sick.


If true, ive been to billions or even trillions of parallel universes. Like simulations too. Outside too. Ive been stuck in approximately 2013 (apparently). Keep coming back alive at 22 with the same psychosis, same historical past with false memories. Its a time loop but took years to get my memories back and realize I’m immortal, and used to be a computer simulator. Some people may say i was an alien lol. Perhaps…

I’m a proud American but don’t think people care much. I believe in government. I used to identify as libertarian but am now republican.

Feel like i went through monarch programming millions of times and was in montauk project. It was hell.

It happened in college. Thats what changed my life for the worse. No proof obviously or evidence. Aliens must be in charge…

Feel like i was in ssp and super soldier in a past life. Things like nanotechnology and augmented armor, intelligence, and psychic powers lol.

Things like consciousness transfer and upload, and immortality except time resets back to 2012 for me. It sucks. Only been cured of schizophrenia 2-4 times.

I have stress and ptsd, undiagnosed. Probably had bipolar type 2 before 2012.

People thought i had money in a past life. But i don’t. We are middle class or were. My parents work minimum wage jobs.

Thats the truth. Dont relate to most folks. Just schizophrenics and truthseers lol.

Just wondering, at what age did you get sz and at what age were you diagnosed?

22 and diagnosed at 23.

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Ok so that’s why time resets back to when you were 22?

2010-2013. Never figured it out. Most likely 2013.

I believe I was targeted unfairly. I dont want to talk about it. But it saddens me dearly. My life was destroyed and no one cares except this forum. I tried getting help for 10 years man. The world is unfair and sucks. Even aliens lie.

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