Stuck in the mud

no progress, no change. Same thing every day, same symptoms making it impossible to move forward. Here we sit…


I’ve been taking L-carnosine (1000mg/day) for about a month and it’s had an effect. The research says it helps with negative symptoms.

It’s not cheap though and the effect it’s had seems to be quite subtle.

Have you tried sarcosine ? That’s supposed to help too.

I actually tried sarcosine, for maybe 2-3 weeks. Too short to notice any effects, but I told my pdoc about it and she told me to not take it anymore? I was confused why she wouldn’t let me take it

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Maybe give l-carnosine a go.

You can show your doctor this piece of research

I found 2000mg was too much (I felt it was making me worse in fact). 1000mg seems to be just right.

any particular brand you suggest?

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This is what I’m using.

I’m going to continue using it.

I bought 2 bottles. That’s a 3 month supply @1000mg a day.

I’ll look into it and ask my pdoc about it…thanks for the suggestion

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Having said all that…

I’ve just decided to drop my dose down to 500mg a day. I’m getting sedation on 1000mg. Which is counter productive as you can imagine.

I’m the same but I think ‘it could be worse’ I could be in a pyschotic break or in hospital

Boring is good… kinda :wink:

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BTDT. Many, many times. After I had been psychotic for two years straight and hospitalized for 8 months 35 years ago I still did not see ANY light at the end of the tunnel. I saw no tunnnel and no end.

All I saw everyday at first was the ceiling of my dingy little room as I laid on my mattress on the floor in a cramped small room in a group home for a year because I didn’t get a bed. But I got out of the hospital and moved into a nice group home in a beautiful city and eventually and gradually I became stable.

I still had bad symptoms but they weren’t hitting me as intensely and extremely. Now, its 35 years later, my positive symptoms have steadily decreased. I live in a nice apartment I only have to share with one other person. I’ve been at my janitors job for 5 years. It’s a piece of cake with many positive attributes. I have a dependable nice looking car, I get out almost every day, my socialization right now is limited to people at work and my family but at this point I usually can make small talk with the cashiers at stores or restaurants.

My life today compared to 35 years ago is dramatically different in a good way. Back when I was twenty, when I first got diagnosed, I can almost literally say that every day was a crisis as to whether I was going to go off the deep end permanently. I was so ill and low-functioning and severely ill that i can almost say literally that I had crisis’s all day back then. But now my life compared to then is like night and day. Schizophrenia symptoms don’t dominate my life now. I can think clearly and peacefully. I have that elusive thing called “peace of mind”. I can have fun whether I want to or not, lol.

But yeah, life is funny. Once upon a time I was hopeless and nothing special. Today I prepared pork chops and pasta and now at 57 I am at the park sipping a soda and just feeling peaceful and enjoying being out and about in the springtime. I live in a beautiful city, and entertainment is not far away. I do fun things occasionally.

It took me awhile to catch on that people are not that bad. I get friendly looks all the time when I go places. I’ve lived so long that people find me interesting because interesting things happen to me whether I like it or not. And that sparks curiosity in people. Yep, a lot has changed but I will say, my life went nowhere for long periods of time in my life but always got better.


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