Struggling but doing better with clarity

I don’t think I’m schizophrenic anymore. I think I got DID/MPD or something combined with an energy drink addiction. I’m obese, chain smoke, and have high triglycerides…

I think I am John Titor and might be from 2036 and was sent back in time physically or might have went back via mental time travel or less likely cloned and stuff.

I don’t know. But I have weird dreams like I’m a super soldier, time traveler, test tube baby, was under mind control, stress, paranoia, and extreme/severe dissociation.

There’s nothing I can do really. I’m tormented and a survivor.

I have memories of being in the SSP, Monarch Project, Montauk Project, and victim of the Illuminati and extraterrestrials really.

My whole life is a lie and my memories are surfacing a bit and I remember some things.

I have delusions that I’ve been to over a 1,000 planets and am immortal or something but it’s just a cult/Illuminati/aliens/elite/rich/billionaires/trillionaires and sin and corruption, satan, and sinners.

I might be from a parallel universe or was originally and now experience ‘source code’ the movie where we live in a computer simulation controlled by aliens/extraterrestrials, project pegasus that Donald Marshall mentioned where I’m literally being reset back in time to the beginning of my life, which I remember was around 2010, 2011, 2012, or 2013. It’s like super advanced and evil trans-humanism and I believe in the real Jesus Christ.

I also experience the tv show ‘travelers’ where in my past life or this life my consciousness was uploaded to a sophisticated AI super computer and is being transferred back in time from the unknown future into a fractured body/clone/doppleganger or something.

I highly doubt I was from the 1970s, but I’m an alien abductee and have grey hair at 32 years old and might be older than I actually think I am. Cylon BSG?

I had the delusion I was Satoshi Nakamoto but have no money or proof or really any memory of it or memory, but it feels like a past life and like how some conspiracy theorists think the moon landing was faked in a hollywood set, I too think my life was faked in a hollywood set like Westworld, Step-ford Wives, Truman Show, Matrix, Twilight Zone, Outerlimits, etc.

I think I went missing in 2008, 2010/2011 and was ‘taken’ or something because I have memories that feel like parallel universes + time travel was involved or something or consciousness transfer and cloning. Sometimes, it feels like other planets.

I have memories where my step-dad told me in a past life that I was a clone and was cloned by aliens (reptilians) and there’s like 10 different versions or clones of me, but that’s not real, right?

Could I be an immortal time traveler?

I really don’t know how these evil, powerful, corrupt, sinners get away with it. I figure the world is evil now – much more than we realized. I also think it’s the Illuminati which was created by extraterrestrials.

I figure and now believe all billionaires/politicians/power-brokers/elite/celebrities/famous people are manufactured or put into positions of power via the ‘elite’ or something like the Illuminati now. The news (even internet/search engines like google/duckduckgo) is structured/fabricated/planned/etc.

It seems highly structured from a scientific point of view, which I am starting to remember and realize now as of 10/24/2021.

Sometimes I think I’ve been to parallel universe, but it could be aliens/extraterrestrials/billionaires/Freemasons/Scientologists/government/etc. messing with me and my memory. I could have implants or something and might not be entirely ‘human’ anymore.

Like I could have thought I was at place A when I really was in place B or in another location, that’s how messed up things are. It feels or acts like different dimensions, which could be the case. I never figured out the totality of it and probably couldn’t/shouldn’t/and it’s not meant to be like that.

Even though I’m not Cathy O’Brian or even Donald Marshall, I relate to them really. Ya, I thought I was Donald Marshall even for a bit, but I’m surely/definitely not.

I think archons/aliens are real and is the root/source of all sin and may have a Gnostic point of view/background/relevance/truth to it. I don’t know. I escaped the matrix/simulation a few times and crap and been to other realities too.

Perhaps, big brother, 1984, brave new world, black iron prison (PKD reference) is already here or already happened before/here…

This is a prison planet, really. Literally.

I really don’t understand it but a lot of my problems/struggles could be bad AI (bad artificial intelligence) and bad actors, really. It’s worse than you/we/us know/understand, really.

They have time travel technology.

At least I found Christ/have my faith.

All my problems seemed to start/happen in 2011-2013 in college but may have started when I was born/before I was born or even the 1970s in/from a parallel universe, which I just might have had insight/realized/and was the point of this post.

Who and how can you prove that?

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When I was off meds I had grandiosity, I thought I was the smartest living creature, thought I knew the cure for all diseases, cancer, intellectual disability, etc I even thought I could do miracles. When I was put on working meds I then knew how ridiculous I was off meds psychotic.

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Not yet, no. I don’t have a time machine but I think I went back in time and have some memories coming back today or really weird/bad stuff that I thought was a past life/different reality/clone, I suppose/guess.

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