Dissociative Identity Disorder or Schizophrenia again?

I don’t think I got the symptoms of Dissociative Identity Disorder but it certainly feels like it. I was never taken seriously by the doctors or hospitals about my trauma. It’s a non-starter. So how can I get help? I get chronic headaches. I don’t drink caffeine: I feel like ■■■■. I drink caffeine: I feel like ■■■■. I feel like I’ve been different people and sometimes I am convinced I am John Titor after googling, researching, and reading in to it heavily. It’s a made up name I’m sure. I got strange ■■■■■■■ memories more than most people here that I think are real and dreams too. I think they’re from past incarnations or lives.

I read a book and I might have been Jack Parsons too but I don’t remember that life. I might have also almost got a job or had a job at SpaceX and ‘knew’ Elon Musk in a past life in a parallel universe too. This is just the tip of my story here. It comes mostly in dreams, flashbacks, and memories.

Maybe the whole SpaceX thing was ■■■■■■■■ and just a planted memory or fake memory, but I feel like they wanted me to work at NASA in a past life and I told them no, I rather work for SpaceX because I was a Libertarian (I’m not a Libertarian anymore – I’m a Republican).

I think this whole schizophrenia diagnosis is a cop-out. Like bad doctors, hosptials, and therapists. I don’t want to admit that stuff might have happened to me as a kid and I was cloned or some ■■■■ or abducted by aliens as young as 2 years old but probably not. I had memories my free-mason grand-father put me in ‘slavery’ via a phone call I got in a past life same thing with Monarch too (same thing? I got a phone call). I was also told I was a worker on Mars in the SSP different than a slave. And all this started way before college and in other past lives and my life has been intervened and changed mainly by grey aliens since birth and I don’t know why or really care anymore. It’s like maybe I was able to induce change in this world and it went against the NWO type people and so they gave me a disability and some schizophrenia and some of that crap.

If Donald Marshall is right and it’s all in the same reality, no 5th dimension or parallel universes, it would boggle the ■■■■■■■ mind (my mind) and ■■■■. Like maybe I’m not from a thousand different parallel earths like Stewart Swerdlow told me in a past life and crap. I believe in many worlds theory of parallel universes but then people say we are can travel along the same timeline too. Weird. It must be advanced technology they developed. Like I learned from Swerdlow that wormholes are in the same reality not a different one, so i’d be traveling in the same universe/spacetime, I guess. Titor was from another universe/dimension.

Some of the stuff I created in past lives is here now being run by other people. For instance, I think I helped create energy drinks in a past life. I dated some celebrities et cetera. Maybe I made some money for other people. I don’t know how much but a lot. I don’t know how to make money anymore and could care less. It’s the last thing I want and it wasn’t fun or pleasant. I hated it with a passion. It feels a lot like SIMS.

I ought to think of Occam’s Razor like a simple 1 timeline and time travel is being used to send things back and forth and even age regressing clones or even sending consciousness back in time (TV Show ‘Travelers’) instead of over complicating things like I usually do and sound even more delusional.

I don’t have an elaborate story about Mars anymore or the moon. I believe in that stuff but I don’t have 20+ years of memories or a life there. I’m not even sure Earth is better than Mars anymore. I thought it was.

My main problem is dissociation and lack of motivation – extreme lack of motivation. When I bring up painful memories, it hurts and it sends my mind back and my progress back years I think. I don’t know why I do it. To find the ultimate truth? What if there is none? I tend to do little or nothing now in my life and I’m not getting anywhere bringing up these memories.

It’s like my mind can access parallel universes or past lives according to Many Worlds Theory of Quantum Mechanics. Is my mind in Superposition with my other parallel versions of me???

Sounds like sz.

Straight to the point, huh?


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