More Thoughts

I’m still traumatized from 2014-2016 visits at the hospital. Happens because of aliens and stuff too like they sent me to other timelines or worldlines as some call it. So scary for me. Luckily, it’s 2021 and I’m getting and feeling better. Time heals most wounds I think.

IIRC, my psychiatrist gave me adderall at the height of my psychosis and it just made me more delusional, paranoid, and psychotic. Not to mention the fear of the patients when I saw some of them wearing camo uniforms in a hospital for schizophrenics. I thought I was seeing clones and crap and I probably triggered them when I was talking and fearing for my life. Not sure how this helps me by sharing or why I am talking, but it scared the ■■■■ out of me.

I believe in aliens because I remember them in my dreams especially tall greys and crap. Like the EBENs. I pissed them off in a past life and they sent me to parallel universes where negative things happened to me and I was scared shitless and psychotic.

I guess it was the Montauk Project but I had no clue what was going on. I went through some monarch programming before several times. We cannot talk about conspiracy theories, but I get this from my dreams. I don’t know what comes first the chicken or the egg, but I think the egg in my case.

I do need to stay away from some of that stuff but I researched and absorbed all the material. Maybe I was just targeted for my genetics and past lives like ahkasic records and crap. Stuff that doesn’t exist and 99.999% of people don’t believe. I really don’t want to talk about that crap here anymore, as I largely have isolated most of it to the back of my mind, but the trauma still haunts me in my subconscious and memories in my following reincarnated lives here on earth.

Maybe there was no rhyme or reason just like I was randomly selected to be a Montauk Boy for eternity. Things have improved and gotten better though.

I always thought it stemmed or started in university for some crap like I was targeted and part of me just tries to unravel the unending truth and mystery.

Basically we live in some alien simulation I gather. I also think it’s because I posted I was a time traveler among other things on Facebook while psychotic and I became self-deluded into thinking I was the real John Titor (doppleganger) and that’s why I was targeted. If it was something else, I wouldn’t know or believe it and people make ■■■■ up all the time, but aliens run or work with the montauk program. Part of me would like money or compensation but I rather just be left alone and live a peaceful life without money.

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