Stress makes me zone out

Many times when I am under stress, or I find myself in a busy overstimulating environment, like a family gathering where there are lots of people present, lots of noise - I shut down and get zoned out, dazed a bit. Stressful overstimulating situations will do this to me many times. If I have a stressful day, the following day I will sometimes also feel out of it.
Does anyone else get this way? or is it just me


I dont really get stressed out in general. When I do the voices go haywire.

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No, it’s not just you. I’m drained and out of my head the day after a bad day. My head circus will play when my defenses are down.

If I’m in a huge family gathering, I will start to shut down and I begin to feel like I’m viewing all this from a distance. My parents send me on lots of little errands during family events. So I’m out of the house for a bit in 20-30 minute spurts.

Overstimulation, I can take or a bit, but then I will start to sort of loose it. There are things that happen to let me know I’m not doing well and it’s time to go.

There are little pings of paranoia and protectionism that start to kick in. I have a hard time gathering my thoughts, it also gets hard to think about driving home or doing any task. I can’t get a sentence together and I start to feel a bit floaty. I’m sinking into my head. I can feel it sometimes when it’s happening.

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Sounds like depersonalization/derealization.

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I think I know what you are talking about. Situations like that can make me dizzy and drained. I end up feeling out of it and tired. Social interaction can really wear me out if it doesn’t go smoothly.

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Derealization can also be a symptom of severe sleep disorders, and mental disorders like depersonalization disorder, borderline personality disorder, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, dissociative identity disorder, and anxiety disorders.[9]

I have schizophrenia, bipolar,anxiety, and possible borderline traits - the above was copied from wikipedia
Maybe you are on to something @firemonkey - Maybe it is Derealization? Wow another symptom I have to deal with lol
Thanks @firemonkey for the info on Derealization

I already know I have depersonalization problems. I pop out of my body more often then I would like. I really hate that feeling. I feel very disconnected from myself and reality.

It’s like a near death experience, when there is no near death. I’ve been trying to stay in my body more.

I’ve experienced both especially derealisation under stress. Here’s what i wrote once on a newsgroup when very stressed.

iF IAM F***ing lucky i 'll get to have the mental fever breaking bit was
what happened real or wasit a dream disconnected everythingh is
unaturally calm bit with the room looking
slighly weird insome way smaller bigger clearer just basically somehow
out of sync like everything is veing seen through the lwens of a an
avant garde camera man stoned on on lsd.

Yeah, I just sometimes get disconnected, like I am looking at life and it seems so unreal. I get spacey and quiet - it is really strange. This happens to me during, but more often after a stressful period, could be the following day even. It happened to me yesterday with my brother driving to his new house - I felt as if I were dead - just a body, nothing else

Yes, I also get this, like when I am at a family function and it is overwhelming, then I go blank and dissociate myself. When I’m stressed I go blank too.

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I actually tend to get hyper and talk fast…I think I might try to overcome the stress feelings/thoughts by overwhelming them?
But I don’t stress out too much any more…

I experience this. I also experience a “loss of hearing”. My ears are fine, but my brain shuts down enough that I have trouble comprehending what people are saying. I can say “what?” Three times and still not get it. It makes me feel so stupid.