How many people here also suffer from derealization?

How many people here also suffer from derealization and how do you handle it…it has been going on with me for about two years

I used to have a really hard time with it. As I got older and worked with a therapist it got better to where I don’t have any disassociation anymore. Do you have trauma in your past? I do. I had one episode where I felt like I was watching myself on TV. I cut myself to come out of it and went too deep. That was a scarey time. Do you know any grounding techniques? Mindfulness helps too. Good luck to you. :sunny:

When acutely stressed-yes. I experienced it quite a lot when my wife developed vascular dementia and i was struggling to cope.

Someone once told me dissociation is common with dissociative identity disorder.

When I am stressed/anxious I feel detached and get derealization

It’s totally normal response to over-stimulation to numb out…

As far as ‘reality’ please google Gang stalking, cause stalking, thought broadcasting, V2K…This is the other opinion.

Delusional from the pdocs only means they will not discuss this with you nor offer you any assistance. A ton of people hear the voices some of the time and do follow orders from the voices to bother specific strangers about private stuff, vandalize stuff, trespass, bother coworkers/customers and even date someone the voices suggest…this is how some deal with schizo.

If you realize this, you can deal with ‘social problems’ but it is A TERRIBLE PROBLEM AT WORK/SCHOOL…If you plan to try to work full-time, make sure you know your social security benefits by talking to a benefits counselor (hard to find someone who specializes but govt mental health clinic may direct you to someone or Independent Living Center for Disabled) so you can return to SSDI/SSI if you run into too hostile a work environment or stigma discrimination. The stigma is can REALLY BE BAD in some cities …I tried a large city that harasses some people for being ‘on the check’ yet I was harassed by coworkers who told me the psychotic people work in retail or fast food to harass customers and they didn’t want anyone psychotic in this job…then threatened to get my SSDI check stopped. One worker was nutty bad there…I left town as so many of the folks <35 were really terrible bullies to strangers and spent a lot of their time at work being crazy instead of working. The middle class ones with parents who housed them acted like they had nothing to lose at work while poorer ones were not as messed up. I got screwed out of two jobs so far due to nutty coworkers crap and unemployment denied so I didn’t even want to consider living in this place longer – Kansas City. This place looks like only the aggressive people who will bully strangers are okay and rest just shut up and deal… I didn’t want to support myself with this BS up…Elsewhere some people in social situations are not up to anything okay either…going after unwilling mistresses bad causing lots of harm and even churches are allowing the gang stalking some of the time, especially against disability ‘welfare’ cases not tithing/volunteering enough so socializing isn’t even worth it sometimes in my opinion. The ladies group can be the most okay but you may run into some gang stalkers too…Also, anyone trying too hard to make friends is usually a problem so run!

NEVER DISCUSS YOUR DIAGNOSIS AT WORK. If you need changes to your work situation like a limit on hours to stay below SSDI income limit of $1k a month, limited customer contact or work from home because some people are too crazy around you to work, consistent work hours due to insomnia, ask for these accommodations. I STRONGLY advise you NEVER date coworkers and even decline lunch dates alone with one male as these kind are frequently the ones to try to ruin you at work by getting you in trouble with managers if you don’t meet needs/demands for whatever. You can even call it sexual harassment if someone keeps asking for a lunch date but just warn the man this behavior could be called sexual harassment if he persists and this got you in trouble in the past but ‘sorry, no thank you’. Take ALL steps necessary to report sexual harassment if it persists… If you get in trouble at work and wrongfully terminated, unemployment is denied and you have to wait a year+ for an attorney to straighten it out. I will only approach full-time work again with a large emergency fund but I get no needs based govt help so that’s fine…You may need a FMLA leave sometime…you must have the paperwork for ‘frequent absenses due to a diagnosed medical condition’ or you will likely be terminated if the depression or insomnia cause you any missed days after a leave or reoccurring psychotic episode. It’s horrifying but some companies are now teaching management seminars on ‘How to fire an employee on medical leave’ and this occurs when someone at work gets your written up for something you didn’t do or do right or you are sick/late too often so do cover your arse as much as you can if you are starting to get symptomatic again or feel depressed/overloaded. Take off work, deal with all of it and then return okay.

If you know this stuff, you will be better off!

If you wish to work and find a good employer, you are blessed. With a good mate, family and some healthy friendships, you are wealthy. Don’t ever spend all that you earn or disasters are harder to take…

Hope this helps.

This is how i think of my derealization. It is a normal response to the overstimulation - vegging out

I have it quite often. I agree with the others when they say it’s from overstimulation. I also tend to “numb out” to avoid issues. Not healthy but keeps me calm. Currently trying to work that out with the therapist.

It started last year for me. It’s been slowly getting worse. I pop out of my body far to often and just feel so disconnected from everything. I feel like stuck in a block of wax watching my own life from a distance. Numb and shut down and sort of slipping out back into my head when something triggers me.

Yes, talking to my doc and therapist.

That is still some of the best advice I have known.

My pdoc mentioned to me one time that that I was D’xd “DID” and I was rather surprised. I don’t want to be this, but I have to believe some of it. Time seems to be a problem for me, but in the last 2 years seems to have gotten better about “where did the time go” issues.

Not so much anymore but yes in the past, especially before my schizophrenia kicked in. Derealization began for me as a teenager and continued well into my 20’s. It was a hell I wouldn’t wish on anyone. All I could describe it as was at best feeling “out of it” and at worst feeling like the empty shell of a human being lost in a seemingly permanent daze.

Luckily these days I haven’t experienced much of it in several years and (I hope) seem to have got past it. Although that’s what I’d been saying about my schizophrenia the past two years until symptoms recently returned.


What is the difference between derealization and depersonalization?

I feel like being trapped in the body. Constantly setting up my mind does help to cope with it. All I want to do is withdraw myself altogether from the inside.

I think they are both very similar…but I just looked it up and it seems that derealization has to do with how you perceive the world while depersonalization is referring to how one views their self.

If that’s any help…they are both very similar and I’ve heard them used interchangeably.

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I have come to know how to make practical use of them.

I just had a bout of this tonight ,

Completely spaced out in a daze, mind totally empty, kept forgetting what I was doing or even how to do basic things. Everything just looked odd bigger or smaller or offset. But at the same time brief euphoria. Went away after 5 hours

I used to have a huge problem with this. DBT helped. I think the Saphris is helping now because I’m more present than I’ve been in a long time.

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