Stress affects people with schizophrenia differently, CAMH study shows


“research had shown that people at high risk for psychosis and those experiencing a first episode of psychosis have abnormal, or increased dopamine release in response to stress in the striatum”


This explains why I start getting positive symptoms when stressed a lot.

When I left my last workplace, I was stressed by school and then also the feelings of unhappiness of the job. This leads me to question. Will I manage a a job at all, because stress is unavoidable - I’m probably going to be in and out of hospital for the rest of my life if I want to be employed, god knows who’ll accept me with the diagnosis


The full time job I had for 10 months while on Latuda was very low stress as it was my mother’s accounting office. Her friend was the boss/owner of the office. Everytime I had a question I asked my mother or my mother’s friends at work lol The only independent job I had since sz was a video game tester and I just lasted 1 month before rage quitting.

Start with the lowest stress job you can. Personally studying was easier than work for me.


Yeah. It makes sense.

What worries me is doing a PhD.

I think being a lecturer is pretty low stress if you enjoy your subject.

I’m just going to have to hope for the best


My psychiatrist told me stress can worsen psychosis.

My wife went on a weeklong vacation and I had a delusion that she was using it as an excuse to leave me and take our kiddo away and work was stressing me out as was home life living with her mother who was also Mentally Ill.

I went really off the deep end and did mushrooms and did other crazy things and suddenly quit my retail job and said ■■■■■ it” it wasn’t good so I agree with this article, if I’m too stressed or circumstances get too bad I get absolutely horrible

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Without a doubt.

The nurse I had before my current one made it very clear that I could no longer handle stress well and that’s what the reality of my illness is. Liability to cognitive distortions if you’re under duress.

It’s why I’m picking what I think is a less stressful environment, higher education. We all have problem solving ability, it’s just mental stamina that we need to hone and exercise; if we can do that, then we can also hold full time and part time jobs.

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