Strange question

I havent had symptoms in 4 years since my second and last episode. But in it i had a profound experience like being one with the universe. I realised that the self is a illusion and that there is no greater meaning in life. After recovering i started digging into filosofie and neuroscience, also buddhism. They all kind off affirm what i realised. I am not ill anymore or suffer from delusions, i kinda just dont know what to do with life anymore, i am not depressed or anything. I just dont care about trivial stuff anymore.
Did anyone experience something similar?


I still have symptoms, but I’m spiritual as well. You can have both, neither or just one.


I have experienced a major recovery too, although my spiritual beliefs are different than yours.

Could you give us some examples of what you call trivial stuff? And some that are non-trivial, for comparison.


I meld the sciences of the natural world with the inner being of the spiritual realm.


The main symptom I suffered with was voice hearing. It gave me the delusion I was telepathic. Since experiencing an awakening I no longer regard it as a ‘symptom’ being satisfied it’s spiritual. To me the self is the soul/spirit and is nothing to do with the brain. I too am lucky and no longer suffer delusions and am happy with life. I’m easily bored with trivial stuff too, not even interested in science anymore which I once thought was the be all and end all in explaining things. I now look forward in life to meeting my maker.


its great that you have got to a place where you are feeling a lot better, you will find that what works for you may not work for another, we all have different paths in this life, there are many different roads, its about trying to stay on a good path that will lead to good places.


Like material goods and status, i rather live a fulfilling life for myself than to show off while being miserabele. I am also completely sober, and try to face reality for what it is.


Maybe your psychosis experience changed your view and outlook of life. That happened to me a bit as well.


Your realization sounds enviable but I read that you can’t hang onto those things :infinity: forever.

One with the force, the force is one with me kinda ■■■■?

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Did you mean philosophy?

Yeah it autocorrected to my native language

Cool. What is your native language?