Now that my symptoms aren't real I'm annoyed

I no longer believe in telepathy but I’m still experiencing something like although what I’ve gathered is that no one else does it is all a product of my imagination. It’s a tedious thing to prevent from happening I hope I get better at this.

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Being aware that your symptoms are symptoms is a very important step. If you know it’s not real, you can work at functioning around them instead of fixating on them. Stay positive, you’ll get better with time!

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Thanks rowan. Things seem a lot easier. Im finally over having schizophrenia as an issue. Im starting to see my life for what it is and Im seeking ways of improving it. My biggest issue is that Ive got nothing to do. I pretty much figured out how to put my life on hold until I healed and now I need to get back into things.

Educational courses
Volunteer work
Exercise classes

Yeah but I’ve gotta make some money first. First step is to find a job.

boredom can be a huge issue for me. i think when i’m less well i spend so much time wrapped up in my thoughts and following orders and so forth that when i’m more well it’s just like stretches of time more or less spent realizing how ilttle i have going on and how few people i have in my life.

i go to a day programme most days of the week and that helps. i’ve volunteered before and hope to again, with my dog. i’m also gardening with my father a lot. it’s nice to prepare food you’ve grown.

people often say “find what you like” and my problem was i didn’t know what i liked anymore, so i just tried what was offered and kept what i liked. hope that helps and glad your symptoms are reduced.

I’m kind of dreading that about “getting better.” Like yeah living with this has made my life hellish at times, but to be honest…it’s made my life incredibly interesting and exciting too. I feel like life would be so dull without it. I wouldn’t mind being able to get rid of the bad stuff like paranoia and the demons, but keep the cool stuff like my trippy hallucinations and positive voices and visions and whatnot.