Strange eye movements and schizophrenia

Ok so guys I have a theory for my illness. I am currently dealing with weird eye movements and strange saccadic effects, so I did a bit of research and came up with these two articles. Its late at night for me and some others Im sure but I think Im on to something

The first article talks about the topic in general and the second one talks about how different drugs affect it. I really hope it isnt some sort of placebo effect thing but the second one described my drug expereinces in helping or hurting this eye movement issue is uncanny

Does anyone have any thoughts on the topic? Experiences, stories, comments?

@firemonkey especially


This is just how I see it but have you heard of eye dystonia? It’s the involuntary contraction of the muscles around the eyes. It’s just like any other type of dystonia, just in the eye muscles. Have you seen your doctor recently? Maybe a neurologist can help in managing this if it is actually dystonia.

I’ve also read that saccadia happens in movement disorder patients.

I would say it’s probably best to see a neurologist.

I haven’t had any eye movement stuff but I have dystonia in other parts of my body (not caused by medication). It’s really stressful as I try to move my body when I’m stressed or tired (or when my neurons are throwing tantrums).

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Thanks @laetitia I def want to see a neurologist. I think I have something very wrong in my frontal lobe or something because my saccadic eye movement is fcked

I have a very hard time seeing things in my peripheral vision and when I do I get spooked like a horse. Also have trouble tracking objects, my hand eye coordination has been shot for 3 years. Makes playing sports like football noticably more difficult

If I fail that eye test that was mentioned in the studies then I think well know something and I can get a clearer picture of whats wrong. Maybe even a brain scan to detect lesions, Ive been concussed before so maybe that has something to do with it

I got oculogyric crisis when I first started meds. It only happens when I was really stressed out and I would hear very hostile voices after

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I’ve obviously heard of, as you’ve put it, ‘strange eye movements’. However I’ve not explored it much. I have astigmatism, and my father has a ‘lazy’ right eye. I don’t think those count as ‘strange eye movements’ though.

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I get it some days too but a mild version for no reason

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Via a cognifit assessment .Out of 800.

Hand-eye coordination

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Thanks @firemonkey and @anon47167357 for the input

Lol @firemonkey that is wild. I wonder how accurate the test is

I am going to take that hand eye coordination thing. Dont expect to learn much till I get a test administered by a doctor but who knows maybe Ill get something interesting

Thanks guys

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Phil says he’s seen this in me,
but I don’t feel it, or notice it.

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Damn I feel it for sure. What does he say about it when he notices it? How does he notice

he didn’t elaborate, so I don’t know.

I can ask him again, he’s still in bed right now with Wesley.
rainy, dark morning.
not sure how late those guys were up.

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Cool thanks @Daze

It was overcast earlier but now its sunny not a cloud in the sky

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Idk j think a twitching eye is one of those classic even stereotypical effects associated with schizophrenia. Comedy shows love that joke lol

But seriously schizophrenia is known for marked rigidity and being overly tense. The eye muscles are probably quite easy to move and thus probably the most noticible twitching or shaking that can be visually seen. Maybe we’re just under a lot of stress and the tensions and mental excitements got to come out somewhere. The body reflecting the excited and agitated mind.

Trying to hold it in maybe reroutes it to involuntary muscle movements?
Idk that’s my 2 cents lol

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Yeah maybe. I think theres something else to it tho, it feels almost ocd like, like a compulsion to fixate on directly in front of me and also just strange tracking of movement. It wasnt like that before

A mystery of science to be sure lol

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Lol true 3663747473636

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