I used to think I was crazy, but then I saw other people doing it too at the hospital

I used to roll up my eyes and I don’t know why. This was about 3 years ago the last time I did it. And I started doing that since 2011. Does any one have this. Where they roll up your eyes in a jerky way. I’ve seen 7 other people in 3 different hospitals do it. If anyone has experienced this can you tell me. Please, thanks. :blush:

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Me. Oculogyric crisis. Take some benzhexol or benzatropine.

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That happens to me too. Not sure why

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Did it happen before you got medication. Or after?

It’s a side effect of some antipsychotics which tend to make you less sleepy and more active. Happens more when you are more emotionally stressed or physically tired. You can ask for anticholingerin medicines that may help within 30 mins. If not, increase the side effect medicine or switch APs.

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After 1515151515

?? What do you mean by 1515

I need 15 characters for it to let me post one word.

Oh OK. :slight_smile: do you still move your eyes like that?

Not much. It’s pretty transient and only seems to happen like once a week

I have ocologyric crisis too

Well hope you get better. It happened to me like once a month. But I don’t do that anymore. I thank God.

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I have read articles that it is part of schizophrenia.

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