Eye Movement as a Biomarker of Schizophrenia

This new approach to identifying schizophrenia seems to hold some promise. I look forward to seeing more studies on this to see if it is real and accurate.


We established an integrated eye movement score with high classification accuracy between patients with schizophrenia and healthy controls, although there was a significant effect of medication. This study provides further evidence of the utility of eye movement abnormalities in schizophrenia pathology and treatment.



My eyes flicker or spasm from side to side. They’ve done this since I was a teenager. Long before I was on medication.

Mine did too . I used to do it on command

My eyes flicker too. From side to side. I thought that was normal.

I don’t think my eyes move very much, if at all. In fact it makes me nuts that I can’t show more emotion and that they seem to be frozen in my skull whilst talking to people. It feels scary, like Im gonna go cray cray. I hope this isn’t what the article was talking about.

I was just looking at this the other day. My eyes are always hurting and I have all the tell-tale schizophrenia eye symptoms. It’s really bad and it really messes with me.

I found a website that has eye excersizes for strengething the problems using the tests described in the article. it’s eyecanlearn(dot)com

One test on the site is “eye pursuits”. If your eyes jump around a lot trying to follow something then this is the one of the symptoms described.

The other is “eye saccades”. If your eyes have a hard time tracking then this is also one of the symptoms described.


Wow - this is really interesting. Never knew