Straight from the source today

My doctor, to quote, says:

  1. Schizophrenia does not affect memory.
  2. Most violence is committed by non-mentally ill people.

I’ve been trying to prove this for a few years, I feel affirmed. And glad to have a good visit with my doctor in all other ways too.



Umm schizophrenia does effect (with an E) memory. I was told that by multiple professors and read it in multiple books.

Short term memory problems are a real problem for some people who have schizophrenia. I have a tiny bit of it myself, I have to ask someones name twice when I meet them because when they introduce themselves, then we have a conversation, I forget their name by the end of it.

I’m pretty sure it’s affect. Affect is a verb where effect is mostly used as a noun. Effect can be used as a verb in the case of bringing something into being or producing something.

It wasn’t the “whomever” speaking to me in my mind and tormenting me, it was the thirteen years of pills that Iffected me memory.

Although pills were the obvious better option, thats how you know you have a ■■■■ life, when poison is the better option.

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