Memory shot how about you?

As the disease has progressed and for me it has gotten worse over the years not better, my memory is getting worse? I can get up off the couch go to leave the room and before I make it to the next forget what I was going for sometimes? Other times I am okay. I have noticed that when my voices are louder my memory is shorter. How about you?

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I feel like my memory has gotten progressively worse as well - both short-term and long-term. I can’t remember things I’ve read or watched nearly as well as a few years ago, and I find thoughts just slip out of my head sometimes.

My short term memory is awful and my long term can get pretty jumbled.

My memories get all jumbled up with daydreams and I forget what parts are real and what parts are imaginary. For example, I went out to dinner with my mom, and later that night I thought my sister’s boyfriend had come with us and my mom had gotten a message from our old neighbor. Or sometimes I remember five different versions of a conversation and I can’t tell which one actually took place.

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I think a lot of it is med side effects. I’ll try to think of something + before I do, I forget what I was trying to think of + then that i was trying to think .In a way my mind is OK. In a way, it’s shot.

I’m going to start doing more attention focused things. Read, guitar, etc.

I feel this way sometimes. Or sometimes I wonder how much of it really happened and how much I’ve over-extenuated as I took in my own personal interpretations. Like when I was working was this group of women really singling me out and ignoring me, or was it in my head? I tend to internalize everything too much. It’s like I take everything at face value but then mold more onto that value than what it’s worth…if it makes any sense.

My long term memory is pretty shoddy, and I think a lot of it is from me repressing memories because I found them unpleasant, like being bullied in school. My parents never knew how bad it was because I never opened up to them about it, honestly what could they do to help me? If I got the other kids in trouble for bullying me they would only bully me more.

Then I think when I was full-blown schizophrenic and in the mental hospital under god knows what medications I think my mind got fried and just shut down and I pretty much had to rebuild memories as I could. The fact that this happened when I was so much younger (still in the years of my brain developing – teen years) I can’t help think of the damage that was cause to my brain.

Short term I’m okay, most of the time…if I’m really focusing on what it is I’m doing but that can only last so long. Like one afternoon I was standing in my room and was going to get something and forgot by the time I got to the area the the item was in. I can remember some things but remember dates these things happen is a hopeless cause, and unless I met you last week, or known you my whole life don’t expect to walk up to me and expect me to remember your name.

My memory is shot too. I heard they are doing a study right now for a med that is supposed to help with cognitive function for schizophrenia and alzheimer’s.

I can remember incidents and experiences from 30 or 40 years ago with ease. But I can’t remember everything I learned as an adult these past few years that would help me get along better in life. When I get in tough situations my experience goes out the window.

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