Memory Loss

I was just wondering does anyone here have problems with memory loss, especially long term memory? It’s something I’ve always had. I always assumed it was just me. I was also assuming that because I was hit with my worst psychotic breakdown when I was a teenager and my mind was still very much growing that it somehow damaged my long term memory.

It’s not like I’m feeling debilitated from this, it’s just annoying when I’m with my best friend and she’s like “Do you remember when this happened to us?” And of course I don’t. Or someone I went to high school with for three years comes up to me and says, “Hi we went to school together!” And I stare at them blankly like an idiot, and then feel weird and like I’m being rude for not being able to remember the person.

I read a site called that schizophrenia can cause memory loss. I saw some earlier posts on here about medications and memory loss. I don’t know if I’ve been on those meds in the past, but I haven’t been on any of the ones I’ve seen on here recently. (Past being when I was in the hospital and they just handed me pills every day…).

I have the same problem too but recently I found a med called “rivastigmine” which interferes with acetylcholine and is basically prescribing for Alzheimer disease, It helps a lot to me with memory problems and also thinking, talk to your psychiatrist and see if you can try it?

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This is not uncommon for anyone. My kids ask me about situations that I don’t remember. There is a guy that I apparently knew when I was young that hung around me all the time as he really liked me. I don’t recall him.

I have a horrid memory. People I’ve never seen (I think) will come up to me and say stuff like, “Oh wow, it’s you… I haven’t seen you for ages, do you remember this one time when…”

“No. I don’t remember it at all. In fact I don’t even remember you.”

Most of my memory is in my journals and I have to still check that with family members who were lucid at the time. I store my memory outside my head. I always have to reach for my past journals if I want to recall anything. I’ve gotten better this past year or so, but for the most part… it’s been a bit of a memory wipe.

What has been throwing me too is the deep past memories that have decided to start coming back. ICK.

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