Stop Telepathy

Im looking for people with paranoid thought broadcasting.
Beacuse i know how bad can it be or how bad it is.
I have searched over the web and there are many people with this kind of illness.
So im making a site to gather all the people in one place.

stoptelepathy DOT com

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well when you think of it telepathy could be more ancient than communicating verbally.
since tought drives our reaction.

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hello, I hear what I call loud thoughts and it is very intense and completely a horrific problem. I used to hear voices and the loud thoughts are a different phenomenon. the loud thoughts are always from other people saying mildly bad to absolutely horrific things about me. some days I barely have time to think for myself because I can’t stop hearing other peoples thoughts… I hope you feel better soon!

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Yes i think in some way its possible.
And if there are aliens, i dont think they talk, they rather change mental images etc…

But if that telepathy thing ■■■■■ you up i think its that:

Though broadcasting does exist as a psychiatric concept. It is the belief that a person’s thoughts are being broadcast from their head to the external world. It is actually a thought disorder. The thought process become disturbed, thinking becomes disorganized, and a person can also report hearing the thoughts or voices of others.
This kind of delusional thinking can interfere with a persons relationships, work, education etc.and they can no longer function effectively in society.


listen to the lyrics

i have telepathy, i know when my dog is hungry and wants its food, she looks at me, turns its head to the right and then says, " hey dumb arse put some food in the bowl ! ".
wait , that probably is not telepathy !
take care


I used to suffer very badly with this but I don’t believe in it anymore. I still hear the voices, they still try and convince me that Ian telepathic but I just don’t believe it. According to them they can see through my eyes, feel my emotions, feely physical feeling and hear my thoughts. Now bearing in mind that these r real people how the hell would they concentrate on they’re own lives. Even if they could think on two seperate levels it just doesn’t work in reality. The noise of me thinking out loud is enough to drive anyone loopy. Voices r debilitating end of story. I just don’t believe that people could function with thought broadcasting going on. Yeah they could wash up, shower and do routine things but they couldn’t think straight with such an influx of information all the time. My main voices live in California, I live in the UK. They r 8 hours behind me and I’m supposed to believe that they can do this in their sleep. I think wwe all know what it’s like to try and sleep with voices going on and if u r asleep when they start then it wakes u up. Nah. Not possible. I don’t believe that human beings could cope with telepathy proper at all. Look at what just having voices does to us. Believe it if u want to but the logistics and experience tells me that it’s not doable on a day to day basis at all. What do u think?

I get terrible thought broadcasting when I’m smoking marijuana. And when I’m sober I can see what everyone seems to be talking about but I’m less paranoid.


“Read her thoughts.” - Interview with the vampire

Not only is what we are calling telepathy real it has a scientific explanation as well. I just don’t know the explanation.

The word telepathy could be an illusion, but they/someone does talk with me in my mind. They even have machines now that can do this, these machines can read minds and make people hear things that no one else does.

A spirit though could relay messages to you about other people and vice versa.

I think thought broadcasting is like a hyped up thought process sort of like reading body language. I think it would be like being on caffeine or something like that for the mind. I think this is how marijuana, which is a psychoactive substance, reacts with my paranoid schizophrenia worsening my symptoms.

if you want a basis for whats happening, try investigating Medtronic and this subject: Neuromodulation Stimulation Design Engineering, they can take your impulses from your neurons and such, from your spine and brainstem and convert them into resonance frequencies and words only you hear via technologies such as these, but what we hear is probably much more advanced than what they are making for general health care.

I did something stupid on Xbox bitching about delusional problems nd problems in general shooting to things like …vi h8 being schizophrenic basically shot everything and people seem to respond to thought after I believe basis for mind reading is pure iq like I hear voices in voices there syncs up nd people laugh on queue to what I think or hear I thought if people would make my head shooting weird not reading my mind like shooting … Your a dumbass and the whole worlds in are people acting dumb to milk brown people for stuff when I thought we’d come up with a better number and wondered about schizophrenics evolutionary advantage a guy shot … Tea bagging a guy coulda been like get raped dude or something like messages for other people it could all be coincidence or people just shooting messages to other people but most sentences are usually the same length and people can just talk to make me hear stuff but if I smoke pot and watch old videos it could do the same so I dunno they could all just be talking to each other though with gunshots but what are they laughing at but there and I think I’m really unintelligent 2 so y not if I’m so dumb oh and do people act like they believe in a certain god almost all religions say the same thing I hear the Horus story is basically the Jesus story and so are a bunch of other gods born dec 25 some star or something coulda been internet trash stating it but it doesn’t make sense to me Idc what u believe its cool could be a great book I’m an idiot not like I see it

But it was it actually has an evolutionary advantage but really me one of the only guys that would tell him the truth or a bunch of people can be cats I hear voices syncs up with movement but if they can they need info to go off but the wind can talk 2 me 2 actually no 1s milking ne1even if it were real don’t let the idiot hurt his head trying I guess even not crazy I wouldn’t believe it I use 2 think I was smart and brown people would probably so see this don’t let the idiot hurt his head nd old tv if they talk the same can say the same stuff smoking pot just gotta read a subject I wonder about before it actually no way people can unless they act dumb but u don’t need 2 no I play minecraft to no I smoke but a lot of people had 2 be acting dumb or they can’t read minds but y would I share the syllable thing 2 a cheater annoying much that has nthn 2 do with though oh yah unless there shooting exact message 2 me then they know the subject when I see a mic go off and hear laughing in response to a kill am I ask a claimed Christian if she heard it she claims no though can we have external hallucinations in the visual and auditory sense saw shells probably a couple times that I chased for a second of enemy’s they weren’t there long also they can be talking ■■■■ to the guy they kill or other messages 2 syllable 3 all sim alar I’m not thinking about hippopotamuses nd they can be laughing at that or own interpretations but if he really shot 2 the evolution thing I think he is to a point subject on the dot but I gave them all my info mygamertaga my name and I’m simple dumb and ignorant and my voices suck usually nd it’s like spittoon out blahs till they stop talking 2 but is anyone intelligent that schizophrenia hit them late telepathy is pure iq if it’s real and schizos can b 2 handicapped 2 do it I know about trolling 2 I’m cool with that but I told friends second voices I h8 how smug he looks nd evry1 started fake smiling me and if evry1 knows everything about me and I’m the stupidest person I know trust me I have my reasons y not fill in the gaps to what makes me go crazy

Could be an illusion brought by Synchronicity.

How you all doing now ?

still don’t believe i’m telepathic. the main two american personalities have gone to b replaced by similies of the same people but no where near as intense as it was. i now have the soldiers to deal with instead. they tend to talk less and in shorter burst but i can still get all day and night harassment. voices r arseholes. that’s it, in a nut shell. still believe they r only splinter personalities though that my mind has been programmed to regurgitate.

I definitely belief in this. When I smoke marijuana my thoughts get hyped up like someone said. I also feel like people speak indirectly about me and what my thoughts are and people also have an insane knowledge of my life. When I hear comments about me I think thoughts about that person telling then to ■■■■ off, etc… And they usually get worse. I almost have substantial proof because of how many times this has happened. I believe people can definitely see through my eyes, hear my thoughts etc. and people definitely speak indirectly about me constantly. An example, about a week ago in was at a friends house with a couple people and I jokingly said “I don’t get along with lawn chairs very well” from a past drunk experience and one of them took it wrong and started mocking me by saying. “We need some shitty tin folding chairs to sit on, the cheap ones that people only get for outside. But we should get them for when we have a lot of guests over. Ghetto ass shitty tin chairs.” Everyone was laughing while she said this. This happened in Florida and in my family’s house in New Jersey my family uses folding chairs for family parties and around the house. There is absolutely no way she would know this as she’s never been in my house but everyone was lacking as if mocking me. And there was honestly no other reason for that subject to be brought up. Thought broadcasting is ruining my life but I am self coping and I just bite back to everyone when they try to mock me.

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I don’t really have problems with “voices” but I remember when smoking marijuana that feeling of my brain expanding everywhere and picking up strange signals. I had a particular experience when I could clearly picture people in my mind and chatting with them, I mean real answer-questions kind of stuff with myself actively participating in it. It was half subconcious because I had trouble “closing the door” at some point but I found resisting to be quite exhaustive so I thought “whaterver”… and let it go. I was quite funny tbh lol.

I can clearly remember what I was picturing at this time apart from the voices, it was some kind of office with people sit at desks with some kind of radio/mic equipment, I could picture that guy answering questions too. I don’t know who this guys are, or why they wanted to know stuff about me. I don’t think it was delusional because I was involved in the chatter it was real chatter like you could chat with this dude at the pub.

Sometimes the chatter happens quite subconsciously or don’t really bother about it I mean it doesn’t disturb me a lot. Most of the time it doesn’t happen at all because somehow I “keep the door closed” and consciously dont remember about that kind of stuff.

I only remember when talking about it like right now lol or when doing majijuana and the crap kicks in. This is why I never vonluntarily smoke herb. It doesnt get good along with me.

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I used to have this ‘telepathic’ problem, in addition I heard voices on TV how world politicians sent me some words, but I do not have this problem any longer, I suppose my meds took care of this problem.

I dont believe in them anymore, and currently I dont hear them. They are disturbing however, and when I have them, I might look around the room, if the voices say the room is bugged.