Thought broadcasting

Before I would see someone walk past and speak to them telepathically. I hope it’s stopped now.

Women would appreciate nice comments, but I want my thoughts to myself.

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I’ve had this meds helped but yeah I thought everyone could read my thoughts.

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Thought broadcasting is not real, it’s a positive symptom of your psychotic disorder. When you think you are telepathically communicating with someone, it’s the illness fooling you into thinking you’re doing things you’re not, because of how it alters your perceptions. This gets better over time with medication and therapy.



I was an ignorant to assume thought broadcasting wasn’t that bad. It was awful.

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A lot of what we experience is very real to us, even if it is not possible in the real world. It is possible to be traumatized by what we experience during psychosis. I believe you when you say it was awful for you.


I had this issue as well as thought insertion. Meds have helped the problem.

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