Thought broadcasting and telepathy

Hey, im getting a really weird feeling like this might not be just my brain doibg something wrong. The voices say they are reall people, which i tried to not listen to and just let then say what they want. But latly on a site i often look on, there were hints to my thoughts.
Like i had been getting this feeling that people just know so ething about me and judge me, everyone. And now i found a meme saying that if you get that kind if feeling you should take it seriously. Similar pictures that are related to my thoughts apeared 3 times allready. Im scared, is this possible?? That the voices are actual people reading my mind and posting these pictures??

no hunni, it’s not possible. try and calm down. i’ve been in ur position many times b4 and i’ve always been wrong. come on, think about it. how likely is it that there is a mass telepathic conspiracy against u with people u have never even met it’s not very likely is it? it’s just ur brain finding patterns that r merely coincidence and turning it into something meaningful. i used to hear t every person’s voice that i met, people in the street, shop keepers, dog walkers, my family, parents, kids, cousins, aunt, uncle, sister in laws, husband. u name it, i heard them and i believed in it twice and it was terrifying. all their voices hated me and wanted me dead. it ended up with me being in the psyche unit both times. i was a complete wreck until one day as i was voicing my fears to another patient he asked me the same question i just asked u. how likely is this to b true? and when i thought about it, i started with strangers. how likely was it that every english speaking person i came into contact with was a member of a secret telepathic society that everyone knew about except me…it wasn’t very likely. the only way i could justify my belief in it was to suppose that the human race had been taken over by spirit aliens and i was the only human being left alive…sounds ludicrous doesn’t it? so i reasoned that if it was my mind producing exact mimics of strangers then maybe it was my mind producing exact mimics of all the psychiatric staff and other patients…and it then followed that if it was my mind doing their voices and they wren’t real then how could my families voices be real? once i established that they weren’t real, i calmed down within a matter of hours. i rarely hear those voices now because i don’t give them any credence. now i only hear famous people both living and dead and i don’t believe they r real telepathy either. u have to look at the evidence, for every experiment that seems to proove psi ability ull find a million others that disprove it. it’s just not possible so calm down and think about it rationally ok? just the fundamental logistics of one mind being able to seek out another makes it virtually impossible. how would u even do that? plus if it were true, their telepathic voices would have to b completely separate to their thinking or u would pick up on that. most people don’t think out loud in their heads so how ould u b receiving a voice or voices? they would have to b able to c through ur eyes, feel what u feel, hear through ur ears and c ur imagination. how could they concentrate on their own lives with all that going on? they couldn’t is the only answer i could come up with and if u take it one step at a time should come to the same conclusion as me. i know it’s hard when ur hearing voices 24/7. i still am but i refuse to let my imagination run away with me again. from now on it’s cold hard science or nothing. if i can’t prove it, then i don’t believe in it and ud b wise to do the same. hope this helps xxx


thank you for calming me down, happy to hear that your voices stoped bothering you that much. I happily dont hear them 24/7 yet, but its getting worse and worse every day. Seems like a nightmare.
thank you :smile:

ur very welcome dude. if u need calming down again ur very welcome to p.m. me xxx

Don’t let your thoughts contrl you. Get reality checks.