Help thought broadcasting delusion

why isnt thought broadcasting possible

hi justin. that must b very hard for u at the moment then. don’t worry, lots of us have been there and some still believe in it. i’ve had this for about 13 years. it started with just 3 voices, then about 6/7 voices and then one day mushroomed into over two hundred voices both living and dead. at first i thought i was telepathic with all these people which was terrifying once i started to hear everyone’s voices i met and i mean everyone. from my parents, all my family, my kids, husband, strangers in the street, dog walkers, people serving in shops, drs, psychiatrists, nurses. if u can think of it, i heard them. it was awful and they all hated me and wanted me dead…then about 4 months into hearing everyone, the second episode, i thought to myself, u know, how likely is it really that there is a mass telepathic conspiracy against me that includes my family and everyone i know? these r people that love me, care for me, support me on a daily basis…how likely is it that they really hate me and that everyone i meet is really telepathic and has kept this a secret from me all these years? and what possible reason could they have to hate me? none, was the answer and from that moment on, i stopped believing in this and their voices faded. now i rarely hear my mum and dad or kids or late husband’s voices. now i just hear famous people both dead and alive. they still try and convince me that i’m telepathic but i don’t believe in it anymore. if ur interested, i’ll tell u the reasons y i don’t believe in it. u never know, it may help u too. xxx

  1. Because your brain is diseased and 2. Thought broadcasting requires electronics and satellites…I used to think my thoughts were being read but I would shoot it down with what I learned in high school from honors physics. That’s one of the delusions that didn’t beat me.

I totally understand what delusions can make you feel like, but you know that it’s a delusion, you posted it under the “Delusions” category, so remind yourself that it is nothing more than a symptom of a disease which you are sure you have. There is no other way to really make you get over a delusion, I have found. I would come up with more plausible conspiracy theories as to why I was being watched by the government, the only thing that made me stop was admitting that thinking like that was a stereotypical schizophrenic symptom.

@jaynebeal…Id be interested in hearing your views more on telepathy

i would be interested to…

on y i don’t think it’s possible?

Thought broadcasting, is that when other ppl can hear your thoughts?

I used to get mad at “people” when I thought that they were reading my thoughts so I would read classic books like “Moby Dick” or “Treasure Island” so if people were going to read my thoughts, they were going to actually be reading classic books.

When my kid sis was in Kindergarten she would ask me to make people do stuff with my thoughts. I never could. After 1,000’s of failed attempts, it sort of dawned on me that maybe people couldn’t hear what I was thinking.

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On y it isn’t possible

I thought broadcast. At least it feels like I do because the people around me send me messages. It’s constant my latest coping strategy is just go thoughtless. That is be free of words in the mind. I’m still getting used to it but there is a lot you can do without thinking to much. Now all the voices say is “your silent”.

I would tell you if I could if not theirs a price I’m just broke ima offer a pack to some1 that can prove it

If I get cash offer them that

When psychosis hit me, i thought i was broadcasting my thoughts to the government, and i was communicating with them. I was trying hard not to broadcast but i couldn’t, i didn’t have insight in to this illness. When i was put on med, my delusions disappeared, and i got surprised on this illness, and i wasn’t believing myself that i was believing in a nonsense. But what can we do, this illness effects the way we think.

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Ok let’s try and b rational for a minute… how likely. Is it that there is a secret telepathic conspiracy that everyone u meet is involved in? And Blevins nobody has told u about it out loud? Is it likely thatvur own parents r involved? These r people that love u, that care for u on a daily basis. Come on, iit’s not very likely is it. I used to believe the same as u, I really did and it was terrifying. I can remember one time on the way to the hospital in an ambulance. The paramedics out loud were very caring but in my head they were threatening to rape me, burn me alive…all sorts of torture and I was completely petrified because their voices in my head were exact replicas of there real voices. I couldn’t fault the impressions my mind was doing at all. Another time I was sat on a train having runaway from my parents house and I was listening to one of the passengers conversations. Her exact voice in my head told me that she was a handler from mi6 and she was there to bring me in and that I should follow her once she disembarked the train. Luckily I didn’t but not because I was rational but bcoz I was too scared to. None of their voices were real telepathy. Not one, it was just my mind producing them flawlessly in a totally paranoid way. So months later I thought to myself, if the lady’s voice on the train wasn’t real and the paramedics voices weren’t real then no strangers voices can b real and if the strangers voices weren’t real then what about my friends and family? They couldn’t b real either, then if they wetent real what of the famous people I hear both living and dead? Well then they can’t b real either. Now I don’t know y ur mind produces voices. I don’t know where they come from but I would bet my life on it that it’s not telepathy. Y on earth would anyone want to listen to the mundane thoughts of the average Joe? And apart from the obvious reasons of boredom having to listen to us taking a ■■■■, cleaning our teeth and wondering what to have for dinnerits not even possible to do it. For every proponant of psi experiments there r a million debunkers. Not because there’s a mass conspiracy to co er it up but simply because it’s not reliably replicable in the laboratory. If psi exists, it’s fleeting and right now it’s not reliable. Hundreds of experiments have proven this. Believers will read anything as a hit but a true skeptic will not try and debunk but try to make test conditions as stringent as possible so that anyone can replicat the results andas yet that just hhasn’t happend and it hasn’t happened bcoz right now it’s just not possible. Who knows, in the future it may well b but until I c the concrete evidence that telephone clarity telepathy is possible I refuse to let my imagination run away with itself.


I used to think others could read my mind. Still do in some way. I thought docs could hear my thoughts when I was in hospital so I started making mind traps. Thinking of something completely different all the time to confuse them. I think I managed to make my self most confused of them all.

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It’s most likely just Synchronicity.

Thx guys 4 the posts