Stop finishing my sentences - thought broadcasting

I have an issue with listening intently. I hear the voices say its not schizophrenia, it’s a natural phenomenon, and also that I finish peoples sentences so that I can’t understand all the details of what they are trying to tell me. I repeat back what the voices are saying to me in my mind and the response is always that I am jumping ahead and finishing their thought so I cant understand anything I am suppose to “learn”. Does anyone else relate to this? I understand its bad to respond to the voices but its impossible for me not to anxiously talk to myself to drown them out. Ive started sexualizing people and saying rude defensive racist things as a defensive or coping mechanism. This will probably be one of many posts relating to this topic. I have been on risperadol, serequel, abilify injection, and now take capalyta.


I had some issues like this the voices were really evil and said it wasnt schizophrenia they made sure to make me think it was telepathy and that it was a sign of the end of times they said if told someone about them they will make sure i got locked up on the asylum forever when i answered to them they always got angry at me and made me look like the bad guy.

My voices tell me that the connection they use to communicate with me is inherently flawed. Specifically it means that I sometimes hear several synonyms for a particular word almost at the same time, or that I.can’t receive some particular practical information. Some others I struggle to describe.

Generally voices agree that I have elements of schizophrenia, but it is only part of the method used for connection , and that my brain being altered does not imply that there is no entities behind the voices.

+++ One voice mocks me for trying to get rid of it, and gets angry when I look at women or get drunk or tried to smoke. Others usually quietly disappear when I start hysterical and beg them to leave. Those usually try to comfort me telling that it will be fine in the end.

Do you recognize the voices? I hear criticisms about my clothing, my hair, my music, my food, and my past. Sometimes it’s 20,000 visions in a day, and they are all below average intelligence. It’s usually visions of my dad, my old best friend, and about 15 others.

KZ200, Hello, I completely relate with what you are going through with them manipulating the conversation so that you don’t get all the details of what they are saying. With me, asking a question, my own thoughts on their response is stated back to me and then I’m left with nothing. Sometimes later when I least expect it they will give me an answer but then im not sure to what question or thought they are talking about. They are trying to mess with my phone right mow so I won’t post this. Lol. I’m really glad you posted that because now I know I’m not the only one with this challenge.

I have a similar experience except that my voices are evil. But just like yours they don’t want to be considered schizophrenia.

All I have to do is pull out my bible, or post a prayer on a prayer site and they say evil things. My faith is the only thing that has kept me going. The medicine I take only put me to sleep.

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