History of mental illness

but I feel like my boyfriend who I truly believe is the devil is somehow convicting me and telling me that I don’t have it. The fact that mentally ill people believe their partners are the devil confuses me even more. Now I truly don’t know if it’s my mind playing tricks on me or I really have a problem. Any advice?

He’s not the devil.

Your doctors know best.

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It’s your mind playing tricks on you. It’s a delusion. Most of us have them.
Part of you knows it’s not true.

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My boyfriend still tells me I don’t have mental issues though.

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Maybe because he doesn’t want to believe it.

This delusion is a sign that something is wrong. I don’t know the extent of your problems but if you believe that someone is the devil you need a therapist or psychiatrist to discuss it with. Is this “devil thing” the only odd thing you believe? Sorry, I didn’t mean to be insulting by calling it “odd”, I couldn’t think of another word for it. But do you have other beliefs that you have doubts about?

Your boyfriend isnt educated enough to tell you whether you have anything wrong with you.

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I think they are taking me to North Korea to give me plastic surgery to turn me into the dictator when I turn 40. Then kill me 7 years after I’m “in office.” This supposedly happens to about 1000 people worldwide.

I also think since I heard this all the people around me, including people I went to high school with have been killed and replaced by their clones.

This is happening because even though I didn’t know I was seriously a terrorist.

Uh, you switched screen names on me, I recognize all that now. Yeah, you need to be seen by a mental health professional, medication could help you. If your boyfriend thinks all your beliefs are normal and nothing is wrong with you than he is wrong. And hopefully he won’t get in the way of seeking help. The sooner that someone with schizophrenia gets diagnosed and treated, the better their prognosis. You have some pretty major delusions and if they are getting in the way of your functioning and causing you distress in your life than they need to be addressed by a professional. The chances are pretty high that they aren’t going to just disappear and go away on their own. Life is hard enough but when a person also has mental problems, it can be overwhelming especially if you are not being treated for them.
People do recover. People can be severely ill but with the right treatment and help they can get better.


I also had visions of hell in different levels.

I can’t seem to unforget the belief of being a terrorist since I had visions of where they torture them.

lots of us got ‘visions’ its just another form of hallucinations, nothing special.
Talk to your doc about it they will help.

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I thought that passengers on jetliners flying overhead could see me on the ground. I was on a city bus and I thought the driver was going to kidnap all the passengers and hold us for ransom so I got off in the middle of nowhere and walked three miles home. I thought I could be so sensitive that I could sense alien life out there in the universe.
I got over all those, I don’t believe any of them anymore and now I can look back and laugh at them. But at the time I believed in those, and a lot more and just like your situation, the delusions weren’t funny at the time. But the important thing was I got over them. And I got over them by taking medication and listening to people who wanted to help me.


My dad says it’s like 1 in a billion chances this could happen to me. But I still think it’s very possible for me. (To be taken away and this happened to). I just feel like everything is creepily too perfect with my boyfriend always saying he loves me so much and my dad saying the same thing.

Well, I would never believe it could happen to you, but it’s nice that you have a boyfriend and a father.

He says I’m not important enough to be killed when I’m 47. But what if I am?

My dad would always say, “Yeah, and if my aunt had wheels she’d be a teacart.”

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1 in a billion is generous. Literally nothing about this universe will facilitate what you’re dreaming. Odds are exactly zero.

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