Stigma, privacy & housing

I want to rent a nice house. Without asking permission in a clear way, the municipality entered my police file! There are 3 notitions in it by my parents about me being ill in 2015/2016 and needing psychiatric care.

Since they want to make the area better, they refuse houses to people who cause trouble in the neighbourhood.

Because i have the police mentioning me years ago i will probably not get permission to rent. Unless the mayor signs an exception.

NEVER did i cause trouble for a neighbour, the area or anyone else. They apparently dont make a difference between terrorising others or being terrorised. Between raping the neighbour, dealing drugs or simply being scared in your own house.

  1. Apparently having psychological issues 4 years ago is enough to refuse someone a house.
  2. Apparently they can check your police file without clearly asking in advance.

Im pissed! Tomorrow i have a talk about it at the municipality!

Do you live in the States?

Here in the States medical records are confidential (at least they’re supposed to be), whereas crime is public record (I think).

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No, in Europe.

It was a notition in the police file, i was never convicted of anything, just brought to the ward from my home by police, because they dont make a difference here between transport of ill people or criminal people.

I signed a form, but they told me it was to ask the municipality for an okay. It didnt say anything about police files.


Explain to them what you’ve just explained to me: You’ve never been arrested, never caused any problems. Tell them about your mental illness. You will need to briefly explain to them that your mental illness does not cause you to do anything illegal or troublesome, then pivot to how and why you’d be an excellent tenant.

I hope you get to rent that nice house.


Thanks! I will try…

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